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2019 Season

trueNorth America true true College Call of Duty League Season 1 2018

  • North America
  • College Call of Duty League Season 1 2018
Pre Season

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Ohio State Universitylogo std.png OSU 3
  Liberty Universitylogo std.png LU Esports 2
  Ohio State Universitylogo std.png OSU 0
  University of Mississippilogo std.png Mississippi 3
  Butler Universitylogo std.png Butler 1
  University of Mississippilogo std.png Mississippi 3
  University of Mississippilogo std.png Mississippi 3
  Grossmont Collegelogo std.png Grossmont 2
  Grossmont Collegelogo std.png Grossmont 3
  University of Iowalogo std.png Iowa 0
  Grossmont Collegelogo std.png Grossmont 3
  Liberty Universitylogo std.png LU Esports 2
  Liberty Universitylogo std.png LU Esports 3
  University of Torontologo std.png UTSU 0
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