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University of British Columbia
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University Information
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Club Name: UBC Esports Association
Club President: Tristan Bunyard
Organization Type:
Esports Supported:
Scholarship: None
Number of Members:
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Created: November 2, 2010
Disbanded: }}


UBC eSports is a collegiate team associated with UBC eSports Association, a non-profit student organization at the University of British Columbia. UBC previously had several teams ranging from gold rank to challenger rank. Currently, they have one active team called UBC eSports or UBC eSports Premier.


UBC eSports, formerly known as UBC IvyLoL Team, was first formed by Chiyeuk, Xlcontiqu, Yiruru, Nagus, and ACM14 with the addition of a few substitutes to play in IvyLoL Pre-Season Tournament in the summer of 2011. The team picked up Manhattannn, who continues to play as the core support player for the team, and yushenbest during the IvyLoL Beta Season.

UBC previously had four teams with code names Team W, Team X, Team Y, and Team Z. With a few roster changes, Team Y and Team Z merged into the present Premier Team. Team W and Team X became inactive.

Team Z (Jurjur Gaming) was a premier team known for being the first collegiate team to reach Challenger and hitting Diamond on several other practice teams. The team qualified for the Season 3 Championship Series Qualifiers despite turning down the invitation. They have also consistently placed in the Top 5 in collegiate leagues such as IvyLoL and Collegiate Star League. Some noteable players are Meruem (also known as cat8) and Npromsiri who both played for New World Eclipse in PAX 2013 Spring Promotion Qualifiers. Previous notable players were Crumbz, Yiruru, and Presidency.

Team Y (Spooky Scary Skeletons) was the newest team created in 2012 but they show great potential after losing to an unfortunate match up against UC Irvine in the first round of Collegiate Star League playoffs in a 2-1 series.

Team X (GF Aggro) was an Open Team that was created in January 2012 after the announcement of the IvyLoL two-league system.

Team W (Aaron's Tea Party) was an Open Team that split off from Team Z in August 2012, taking many of UBC eSport's veteran players who participated in the IvyLoL Beta Season.


  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2011
  • January 10th, Team X founded by Rawrtin
  • January 26th, qqIce joins the core line-up as jungler
  • February 15th, 4th place at Collegiate Star League: Redux
  • March 12th, 5th place at Ivy LoL Spring Fling
  • May 9th, yushenbest placed on inactive
  • May 21st, 4th place at Ivy LoL Season 1 Open League
  • May 22nd, 5th place at Ivy LoL Season 1 Premier League
  • August 30th, Premier team splits into Team Z and Team W
  • August 30th, Xlcontiqu moves to Team W as jungler, ACM14 as top laner
  • August 30th, Fyree joins Team W as AP, haranix joins as support
  • September 6th, cat8 joins Team Z as ADC, BenchshotGG joins as AP, Scrub My Toilet joins as jungler, Presidency joins as substitute, lmpossible becomes a substitute
  • September 6th, vincesocoo joins Team W as ADC, Proxinity joins as support, BigPlaysaurusRex joins as jungler, Xlcontiqu moves to top laner, haranix becomes a substitute, ACM14 becomes a substitute
  • October 2nd, Team Y founded by members ClackBard as AP, Luna as top laner, npromsiri as jungler, Kazehz as ADC, SilentPrayer as support
  • October 2nd, Scrub My Toilet moved to Team Y and becomes a substitute
  • October 21st, Yiruru moves to AP, BenchshotGG moves to jungler
  • October 28th, Team Z 5th place at Ivy LoL Season 2 Premier League
  • November 10th, Team Z 1st place at SFU Surrey League of Legends Tournament
  • December 2nd, Team Z 1st place and Team Y 3rd place at FibreOptiks Gaming League
  • December 2nd, Team Y 1st place at UBC eSports Intracollegiate League 1
  • December 9th, Yugi joins Team Y as a substitute
  • December 30th, KazeHz leaves, Yugi moves to ADC
  • June 5th, UBC eSports founded by members Chiyeuk, Xlcontiqu, Yiruru, Nagus, and ACM14
  • October, Manhattannn joins as the support
  • October, yushenbest joins as top laner, Nagus becomes a substitute

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