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Ohio State University

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The Ohio State University
University Information
Location: Columbus, OH
Club Name: OSU Esports
Club President:
Organization Type: Unofficial Student Club
Esports Supported:
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OSU Esports was founded during the Summer of 2015 by Kentaro Ogawa, Nicolas Re and Colin O'Brian as an extension of the already existing Esports Initiative (ESI) student organization. The purpose of OSU Esports would be to foster and organize talented students into competitive teams to represent The Ohio State University at intercollegiate esports competitions.

During the organizations inaugural year it backed two teams, one in Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) and the other in League of Legends. Chris Evans would later be brought on to manage and coach the CS:GO team as they competed in the 2015-2016 season of CStarLeague (CSL), while Nicolas would go on to manage the League of Legends team and prior Ohio State graduate Peter "cgl rci" Ferguson would be brought on to coach the team as they prepared to qualify for the 2016 season of University League of Legends (uLoL).

After a strong showing at the Mid-West Campus Clash and a couple months of practice the LoL team would eventually go on to qualify for the 2016 season of uLoL in the North Conference off the back of multiple reverse in the latter half of the bracket. The qualifying roster was made up of Alex "Ahrun" Williams in the top lane, Terry "RemindMeRemi" Zhao in jungle, Kevin "Peridot" Zhao in the mid lane, Gerald "Pustoi" Richland at ADC, and Donny "BaconSeeker" Campbell as support. However, due to schedule concerns Peridot would depart from the team at the end of the Fall semester. Over the winter break Peter would reach out to a challenger tier jungler that was attending the university, but had not applied for the team during the Fall and so Richard "Nexevis" Flagg joined the team as the new jungler and RemindMeRemi would be moved to the mid lane. This would be the roster for the remainder of the 2016 uLoL season. The team would end up finishing the regular season in 2nd place with a 5-1-1 series record and qualify for the Northern Conference Playoffs. In the semifinals the team would face off against fill-in collegiate rivals Michigan State University (MSU) and advance to the Northern Conference Finals after a swift 3-0. However, the team would once again fall short of a 1st place finish losing to eventual National Championship runner-ups Robert Morris University in 3-0 fashion ending the 2016 uLoL season with a 2nd place finish in the Northern Conference Playoffs. After the conclusion of our uLoL season RemindMeRemi announced that he would be stepping down from the team. Shortly after this announcement the team was invited to compete against MSU in a show match at PAX East and thus Peridot rejoined the roster. The team would end up beating MSU 3-1 after only a couple days practice with the new line-up and closing out our 2015-2016 school year on a high note.

Over the summer the world saw rise to a new and emerging esport, Overwatch, and so for the coming school year Overwatch would be added to the roster of games that were being official supported and competed in. The new team would be managed and coached by Peter.

With the start of the Fall semester the entirety of the League of Legends team returned and due to its success over the past year a development team was created to foster upcoming talent and allow skilled players an opportunity to compete and learn in an organized manner. One of which would be Zach "Dare2Defy" Previte, a challenger tier mid laner and ADC, who after a short stint on the development would replace Pustoi on the varsity roster as the starter. Later that Fall Riot Games would announce the BTN Conference for uLoL, which would be divided up into an east and west conference each containing six teams and would take place during the 2017 uLoL season. The team would end up finishing the regular season in 4th with a 2-3 match record dropping 0-2 series against Rutgers University, University of Maryland (UMD), and University of Michigan (U of M). After a disappointing regular season the team would go on to upset the undefeated U of M squad in a back-and-forth 2-1 series, but fall short of qualifying for the National Championship after losing to UMD 0-2 in the BTN Eastern Conference Finals. With the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year Nexevis would be graduating in one semester and thus be ineligible for the 2018 season of College League of Legends (cLoL) and Pustoi would be graduated. Over the summer Nicolas and Peter would discuss multiple roster variations in order to fill the jungle role circulating around Trevor "McDougal" McDowell and Kyle "TheComus" Kasper of the development team and the possible return of the previous jungler RemindMeRemi. All of the roster variations would be tested extensively during the Fall semester of 2017.

With the end of the 2016-2017 school year the organization also saw the graduation of Kentaro, Nicolas, and Colin of which Nicolas was the only one to stay on with the organization after graduation as to provide a consistency in its leadership.

During the Summer of 2017 a game by the name of Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) began to take the world by storm and with the creation of the Collegiate Battlegrounds Association (CBA) to host a collegiate league to compete in Nicolas decided on forming a PUBG team, which he would manage and coach, to play under the OSU esports banner starting in the Fall. Along with PUBG the organization would also foster official teams for Rocket League and Dota 2.

Throughout the Fall semester the LoL team competed in a variety of leagues in order to feel out the best combination of players ultimately ending on the McDougal in the jungle role and bringing on TheComus as a substitute support. During this time the team finished 1st in the Upsurge Premier League (UPL), 1st in the MWeC ACEL , and 2nd in the Compete League Elite (CLE) taking down other BTN Easter Conference giants UMD and U of M in the process.

The PUBG team during the Fall found themselves in a rough position in the CBA due to their delayed creation as a result of the lengthy application process in which the 5 man roster of Micheal "Pheeasko" Blaha, Jake "Jakeblue88" Ballantyne, Kevin "Xacha0" Korwin, Nicholas "Trump-did-911" Haber, and Chance "Chancerie" Koogler was created. After joining the league during week 5 by replacing a team at the bot of the standings the squad was able to come out strong in their first week of play with a 2nd and 1st place finish. However, with the deficit they inherited and only 4 weeks of regular season play left the team found themselves just short of the last playoff position (18th), finishing 24th out of 38 teams.

During winter break the League of Legends team would once again find itself a man down going into the cLoL season as after a couple of weeks of testing new roster combinations with development team jungler Dean "Deanice" Miller and RemindMeRemi in order to fix the weaknesses the team experienced with McDougal in the jungle role, Peridot would step down from the team for personal reasons. With the mid lane role now open Dare2Defy would be moved to the mid lane and RemindMeRemi would take on his third role with the team as an ADC. Deanice would also be replacing McDougal on the varsity team for the remainder of the cLoL season, in which the team went undefeated during the regular season finishing a perfect 7-0. However, the National Championship was once again not meant to be as the team found themselves losing 2-0 to Michigan in the first round of the BTN playoffs after the team had to make a last minute substitution of McDougal for Deanice after Dean was not so nice to another player online and received a 14-day suspension to his LoL account making him ineligible for playoffs. After a disappointing finish to the cLoL season the team would go on to defend their MWeC ACEL title and place 3rd in the UPL. Going into the summer of 2018 the team would see the departure of long standing top laner Alex "Ahrun" Williams and support Donny "BaconSeeker" Campbell who graduated at the end of the Spring semester.

The PUBG team starting the Spring split of the CBA on equal footing with the rest of the teams quickly found themselves near the top of their division after multiple strong showings. However, as the season moved past the halfway point the team began to be plagued with inconsistencies and found themselves finishing the regular season 4th in their division and 10th overall out of the 60 teams competing. Due to the teams 4th place finish in their division they would have to fight their way through the playoff qualifiers in which they would end up placing 5th and qualifying for the playoffs. The teams first time in playoffs proved to be a bit too much though as they would finish in 12th place out of the 18 teams in it and would say goodbye to their first player as Michael "Pheeasko" Blaha would announce his retirement from competing to focus on his major. The team is currently on hiatus and it is uncertain on who will be returning to compete in the CBA and who will be moving on to compete in another esports or be joining Pheeasko in retirement...


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University Achievements

  • 2016
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In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2016-4-15 A22nd 2016 uLoL North Conference Playoffs 0 : 3 File:Robert Morris Universitylogo std.png Robert Morris University $4,000
In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2017-4-15 A22nd 2017 Big Ten East Playoffs 0 : 2 Logo std2.png University of Maryland $5,000
2017-11-8 A11st 2017 Fall UPL 3 : 2 Logo std2.png DNA $
2017-11-11 A11st 2017 Fall MWEC 3 : 0 Logo std2.png UIUC $
2017-12-8 A22nd 2017 Fall CLE 0 : 3 Logo std2.png Plastic Five $
In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2018-4-15 A11st 2018 Spring MWEC 3 : 0 Logo std2.png UIC Flames $
2018-4-15 A33rd 2018 Spring UPL 3 : 0 Logo std2.png Life Support $
2018-4-15 B212th 2018 Spring CBA 0 : 0 Logo std2.png unknown $


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