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Michigan State University

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Michigan State University
University Information
Location: USA United States
Club Name: Michigan State Esports
Club President: Joseph Lewis
Organization Type:
Esports Supported:
Number of Members:
Social Media & Links
Created: September 2016
Disbanded: }}


Michigan State Overwatch was founded in September of 2016 by Mason "Chentai" Chen. With no formal Overwatch scene at Michigan State and no team fielded for the Tespa Summer Training Grounds, Chentai with help from Brons "Rosey" Lau posted a survey for a potential team on the Michigan State Overwatch Facebook page. Chentai and Rosey picked the four highest ranked players in each position they needed, inlcuding; support player Maason "Akyrimos" Kao, main tank Kevin "Weepboop" Barnes, dps Steven "Whitelotus" Truong, and offtank Daniel "Mannimal" Moore. Faced with less than a month to the Tespa Championship Series, the team scrimmaged frequently with their in-state rival, The University of Michigan, and other collegiate teams.

Soon came the Tespa Collegiate Series, in which Michigan State went 4-1 with victories against Missouri Western University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Guelph, and Carleton University and a 2-1 nearly double reverse sweep loss against Iowa State. Having at least three wins or more, Michigan State qualified for the TCS playoffs and was placed first round opposite of Wilfred Laurier University, in which they won the best of three 2-0. In the regional round of 16, Michigan State played a grudge match against Iowa State, winning the first match and tying the next two, resulting in a series victory. Coming in to the regional quarterfinals, they were matched against Kansas State, and eventually lost 3-2 in a best of five set. This loss signaled the departure of Akyrimos and Whitelotus from the main roster and saw the addition of Top 500 player Greg "agpoison" Arbet and Trevor "Ocuri" Corneil. The team saw an immense rise in both skill and victory throughout the off-season between the TCS and Training Grounds. With victories against salaried competitive teams and other highly ranked collegiate teams in scrimmages, the Michigan State roster headed into the Training Grounds as a dark horse team.

In the placement for the initial skirmish, MSU finished with a 3-2 record with losses against Arizona State University and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and did end up qualifying. Given a first round bye, Michigan State scored a victory over the New Jersey Institute of Technology, making way for a match-up against TCS Runner ups in the University of Toronto. In unforeseen fashion, Michigan State managed a 2-0 victory over Toronto off an outstanding performance from agpoison. With a forfeit in the next round from the Rochester Institute of Technology, MSU was placed in the top 16, becoming an Arena team. They then lost to what would become a frequent opponent in the University of Cincinnati. Michigan State would stay in Arena throughout it's entire duration, netting one victory, one second place, and multiple top 6 finishes. They ended fourth overall in the final Arena after losing to University of California San Diego.

The final Arena signaled the end of agpoison, Ocuri, and Chentai competing in Tespa ran tournaments, however the team did compete without Mannimal and Chentai in the Overwatch Contender's league, with GGG (from Cincinnati) and Insane (from The University of Rutgers) taking their place, going 3-1 in the first week of play and 2-1 in the second. With the departure of the three players from the main roster, Michigan State had to recruit new players for the Tespa Summer series, finding Skymach7, Ihanjo and the return of Whitelotus to the main roster.


Player Roster

  • Kevin "Weepboop" Barnes
  • Steven "Whitelotus" Truong
  • Daniel "Mannimal" Moore
  • Brons "Rosey" Lau
  • Yuma "Ihanjo" Mizushima
  • Sky "Skymach7" Corsona
  • Eric "Xyren" Shen


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