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Butler University

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Butler University
University Information
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Club Name: Butler Gaming
Club President: John George
Organization Type: Official Student club
Esports Supported:
Number of Members:
Social Media & Links
Created: 2018
Disbanded: }}


The Butler University Gaming Club was founded in the spring of 2018 by its first slate of officers: John George, Esports President; Luke Renchik, Esports Vice President; Griffin McPhail, Gaming President; Kolin Edrington, Gaming Vice President; Jenny Thach, Secretary; Jack Glynn, Treasurer; Joe Kirkpatrick, Public Relations. Butler Esports operates from within the Butler Gaming Club as a whole.

As of Spring 2018, Butler supports intercollegiate teams in League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch, with active teams in Call of Duty and FIFA 18 as well. Beginning Fall 2018, the position of Esports President will be filled by Luke Renchik and Esports Vice President will be Jack Glynn.


  • 2018
  • Spring - Butler University Gaming Club was founded by John George, Luke Renchik, Griffin McPhail, Kolin Edrington, Jenny Thach, Jack Glynn, Joe Kirkpatrick
  • April 15 - Rocket League - BIG EAST Invitational Powered by ESL - finals
  • April 7 - Rocket League - BIG EAST Invitational Powered by ESL - 2-3 in pool play
  • April 7-8 - League of Legends - BIG EAST Invitational Powered by ESL - 0-5 in pool play
  • March 2 - League of Legends - SportsUNITED Crosstown Challenge vs IUPUI - loss
  • January 13-March 31 - League of Legends - CSL JV1 - 8-2 record, playoffs round of 32

Player Roster

League of Legends

Country ID Name Role
USA Renegade Mac Luke Renchik '
USA XxHoFFiNaToRxX Nick Hoffmeister '
USA Mastergamerlive Kyle Angelbeck '
USA DaBawsss6969 Andolini Casa '
USA t h i k k Vishnu Vaid role

Rocket League

Country ID Name Year/Grade
USA Sirerin Henry Johnston '
USA HeyBabyImBlakey Blake Leonard '
USA dawgsrunner5 Madison Velchek '
USA ZOMBIEBURGER97 Matt Bourquein '
USA Stepheng13 Stephen Gaa '


Country ID Name Year/Grade
USA coins John George '
USA Hodor Nick Golding '
USA SilentStorm Ceridwyn Snow '
USA StormDiamond Jenny Thach '
USA ratfink40 Griffin Mcphail '
USA Vertscarz Cisco Scaramuzza '

University Achievements