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Winningest Players

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Tournament Wins

The top 10 most successful tournament players in Call of Duty History (NA).

Place Player Current team Tournament Wins
011st 1st USA.png Crimsix Optic.png OpTic Gaming 22
022nd 2nd USA.png ACHES FA.png Free Agent 19
033rd 3rd USA.png TeePee FA.png Free Agent 18
4th USA.png Scump Optic.png OpTic Gaming 16
5th Ca.png Karma Optic.png OpTic Gaming 13
6th USA.png BigTymeR

USA.png Clayster

Retired.png Retired

FaZe.png FaZe

7th USA.png MerK FA.png Free Agent 11
8th USA.png Parasite

USA.png FormaL

Epsilon.png Epsilon

Optic.png OpTic Gaming

9th Ca.png Rambo Retired.png Retired 9
10th USA.png KiLLa XGN.png XGN 7