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|title=Skrapz - Call of Duty Esports Wiki - Esportspedia
|keywords=skrapz, matthew marshall, matthew skrapz marshall, skrapz faze clan, faze clan skrapz, skrapz age, skrapz info, skrapz bio, skrapz team, red reserve skrapz
|description=Matthew "Skrapz" Martin is a British CoD player, currently playing for London Royal Ravens. Check out Skrapz's bio, age, team, stats and much more!
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{{Infobox Player
{{player_info|history={{member|team=Team Tempo|start_date=??? ????|stop_date=Mar 2016}}{{member|team=Rampage Tempo|start_date=Mar 2016|stop_date=Apr 2016}}{{member|team=Epsilon eSports|start_date=Apr 2016|stop_date=Sep 2016}}{{member|team=Fnatic|start_date=Jan 2017|stop_date=Sep 2017}}{{member|team=UNILAD Esports|start_date=Nov 2017|stop_date=May 2018}}{{member|team=Red Reserve EU|start_date=May 2018|stop_date=Apr 2019}}
|username = Skrapz
{{member|team=FaZe Clan|start_date=Apr 2019|stop_date=Sep 2019}}
|image = CWL_Skrapz.png
{{member|team=London Royal Ravens|start_date=Sep 2019|stop_date=}}
|size =
|username=Skrapz|image=CWL_Skrapz.png|size=|name=Matthew Marshall|team=London Royal Ravens|altids=|country=United Kingdom|bday={{bday|m=May|d=30|y=1997}}|role=|twitter=skrapzg|reddit=}}{{TOCRWI}}[[Category:European Players]]
|name = Matthew Marshall
|team = Epsilon eSports
|altids =  
|country = United Kingdom
|bday = {{bday|m=May|d=30|y=1997}}
|role =  
|livestream = []
|twitter = skrapzg
|reddit =  
|teamhist1 = Team Tempo
|teamdate1 = ??? ???? - Mar 2016
|teamhist2 = Rampage Tempo
|teamdate2 = Mar 2016 - Apr 2016
|teamhist3 = Epsilon eSports
|teamdate3 = Apr 2016 - ''Present''
}}{{TOCRWI}}[[Category:European Players]]
Matthew "'''Skrapz'''" Marshall is a player for [[Epsilon eSports]] in the United Kingdom.
"'''Skrapz'''" (Real Name: Matthew Marshall) is a British CoD player, currently playing for '''[[London Royal Ravens]]'''.
*Skrapz and [[wuskin]] are twin brothers.
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{{London Royal Ravens Roster Navbox}}

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CWL Skrapz.png
Background Information
NameMatthew Marshall
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BirthdayMay 30, 1997(1997-05-30)
TeamLondon Royal Ravens
Social Media
Team History
Team Tempologo std.png Team Tempo??? ????Mar 2016
Rampage Tempologo std.png Rampage TempoMar 2016Apr 2016
Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsilon eSportsApr 2016Sep 2016
Fnaticlogo std.png FnaticJan 2017Sep 2017
UNILAD Esportslogo std.png UNILAD EsportsNov 2017May 2018
Red Reservelogo std.png Red Reserve EUMay 2018Apr 2019
FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe ClanApr 2019Sep 2019
London Royal Ravenslogo std.png London Royal RavensSep 2019Current

"Skrapz" (Real Name: Matthew Marshall) is a British CoD player, currently playing for London Royal Ravens.



  • Skrapz and wuskin are twin brothers.


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