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Release Date: August 21st, 2015
Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Developer: Treyarch
Name: Experimental War Robot-115
Gender: N/A
Weapon: Scythe
Ability: Psychosis
Competitive Start:
Competitive End:

Experimental War Robot-115 "Reaper" is a Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


The product of a cutting-edge military R&D project to supplement Special Operations soldiers in the field, Experimental War Robot-115 was one of a single unit of advanced prototype combat robots running the most sophisticated AI software ever seen. After several politically embarrassing mishaps and budget overruns, the project was cancelled and most of the prototypes stripped for parts. Fate had other plans for EWR-115, when years later it was discovered to have been stolen. Reports of sightings of the terrible machine on battlefields around the world began to surface. No one knows why it fights or who, if anyone, is issuing its orders.


(Power Weapon) Minigun that transforms from the arm and delivers high damage in a tight cone of fire.
Must be spun for a sort time before firing.
Pre-spin before firing for fast reaction time and greater accuracy.
Reaper moves slower while spinning and firing the Scythe.
High ammo capacity allows for effective suppressing fire.

(Ability) Spawn three decoy clones that run forward to distract enemies.
Clones will prefer to run in the direction you are facing.
Reaper also appears as a Clone, which can be used to trick enemies.
Enemy equipment and Scorestreaks will attack your Clones.
Clones will mock-fire at nearby enemies, notifying you to their presence.