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Pre-Modern Warfare Rostermania/Free Agents

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Free Agents

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Date Name Former Team Reference
2019-08-19 Parasite Midnight Esportslogo std.png  [1]
2019-08-20 Zaptius Midnight Esportslogo std.png  [2]
2019-08-20 Frosty Midnight Esportslogo std.png  [3]
2019-08-20 Royalty Midnight Esportslogo std.png  [4]
2019-08-18 Rated Unitslogo std.png  [5]
2019-08-18 Weeman Unitslogo std.png  [6]
2019-08-18 Fero Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[7]
2019-08-19 Atura UYUlogo std.png  Coach[8]
2019-08-19 Blazt UYUlogo std.png  Restricted F/A[9]
2019-08-19 Saints UYUlogo std.png  Restricted F/A[10]
2019-08-20 Accuracy Evil Geniuseslogo std.png  [11]
2019-08-19 dReeaLL Team eLevatelogo std.png  Coach[12]
2019-08-18 Argi Splycelogo std.png  Analyst[13]
2019-08-17 Saint Midnight Esportslogo std.png  Coach[14]
2019-08-25 Assault Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[15]
2019-08-25 Aches Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[16]
2019-08-25 SiLLY Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[17]
2019-08-25 Bevils Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A (Coach)[18]
2019-08-25 Louqa Mindfreaklogo std.png  [19]
2019-08-23 JKap Evil Geniuseslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[20]
2019-08-23 Apathy Evil Geniuseslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[21]
2019-08-24 Nolson Unitslogo std.png  [22]
2019-08-24 Aches Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[23]
2019-08-25 Assault Team EnVyUslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[24]
2019-08-26 Lacefield Team eLevatelogo std.png  [25]
2019-08-27 Decemate Team EnVyUslogo std.png  ??Restricted F/A??[26]
2019-08-27 Joee Unitslogo std.png  [27]
2019-08-27 Temp Splycelogo std.png  Restricted F/A[28]
2019-08-27 Cammy Unitslogo std.png  [29]
2019-08-28 Dylan Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A[30]
2019-08-28 Wuskin Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A[31]
2019-08-28 Alexx Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Unrestricted F/A[32]
2019-08-28 Zed Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A[33]
2019-08-28 Seany Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A[34]
2019-08-28 ShAnE Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A(Coach)[35]
2019-08-28 Havok Gen.Glogo std.png  Restricted F/A[36]
2019-08-28 Nagafen Gen.Glogo std.png  Restricted F/A[37]
2019-08-28 Maux Gen.Glogo std.png  Restricted F/A[38]
2019-08-28 Spacely Gen.Glogo std.png  Restricted F/A[39]
2019-08-29 Tommey Team Reciprocitylogo std.png  Restricted F/A[40]
2019-08-29 Ricky Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png  Unrestricted F/A[41]
2019-08-29 Aqua Splycelogo std.png  Restricted F/A[42]
2019-08-31 Arcitys EUnitedlogo std.png  Restricted F/A[43]
2019-09-02 Methodz UYUlogo std.png  Unrestricted F/A[44]
2019-09-03 Loony Splycelogo std.png  Restricted F/A[45]
2019-09-08 Brack Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png  Restricted F/A[46]
2019-09-09 Sender Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png  Restricted F/A[47]
2019-09-09 KiSMET Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png  Restricted F/A[48]
2019-09-09 General Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png  Unrestricted F/A[49]
2019-09-09 Crimsix OpTic Gaminglogo std.png  Restricted F/A[50]
2019-09-13 MethodZ Team Hereticslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[51]
2019-09-13 Lucky Team Hereticslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[52]
2019-09-13 JurNii Team Hereticslogo std.png  Restricted F/A[53]


Date Name From Reference
2019-08-19 LlamaGod Midnight Esportslogo std.png  Removed Midnight from bio
2019-08-19 Classic UYUlogo std.png  Removed UYU from bio & name
2019-08-26 Zer0 FaZe Clanlogo std.png  Removed FaZe from bio & name
2019-08-26 Ricky Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png  Removed LG from bio & name
2019-08-27 Arcitys EUnitedlogo std.png  Removed eUnited from bio; added it back
2019-08-27 GodRx Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png