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Noah "Nifty" F plays for Elevate.png eLevate.Black in the USA.png United States.


Nifty is a 16 year old competitive Call of Duty player who is currently apart of Conquer.png ConqueR. Conquer.png ConqueR is sponsored by 360icons, one of the world's leading organizations for online Call of Duty tournaments. He is also sponsored by Gamma Gamers, which branches off of the father company Gamma Labs, who formulate and sell nutritional supplements for both muscle building and weight loss as well as sponsor professional athletes. Much like other professional players, Nifty spends a large amount of time producing YouTube videos and using his Twitch.TV live stream.


  • At just 16 years old, Nifty has managed to accumulate more than 2,000 YouTube subscriptions, nearly 2,000 live stream followers, and over 13,000 Twitter followers.