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MLG Online National Championship

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MLG Online National Championship
League Information
CountryUSA.png United States  [[Category:Unrecognised Country||USA.png United States]]

The "MLG Online National Championship" took place online on October 30th, 2010.

$23,000 was spread among the teams as follows:

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st $12,000 NV.png EnVyUs ForeplayyEmote.png Foreplayy, StainvilleEmote.png Stainville, ProofyEmote.png Proofy SharpEmote.png Sharp
022nd 2nd $6,000 IXI.png Xtravagant RamboEmote.png Rambo, BigTEmote.png Big Tymer, JKapEmote.png Jkap, SidrocEmote.png Sidroc
033rd 3rd $3,000 LvG.png Leverage AchesEmote.png Aches, TeepeeEmote.png Teepee, Fatalize, Carnage
044th 4th $2,000 AoX.png Art of Execution ClaysterEmote.png Clayster, CrowsterEmote.png Crowster, NexXxEmote.png NexXx, Sin
055th 5th $0 Defying-History.png Defying History TwizzEmote.png TwiZz, Shadow, Lyrix, ?
066th 6th $0 nK Assassin, Klutch Keem, Cham, tit0n
077th 7th $0 x20px Hysteria  ?
088th 8th $0 Optic.png OpTic Gaming NadeshotEmote.png Nadeshot, Moonstruk, ?, ?