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{{OCurrent|flag=us|name=John Beecroft|ign=Spoozerr|role=Owner}}
! ID
{{OCurrent|flag=us|name=Jordan Slider|ign=Jay Slide|role=Manager}}
! Name
{{OCurrent|flag=us|name=Chance Maynard|ign=Faytality|role=Manager}}
! Position
{{OCurrent|flag=us|name=Travis Hardy|ign=Insticnts|role=Manager}}
{{listplayersp|Spoozerr|us|John Beecroft|'''Owner'''|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayersp|Jay Slide|us|Jordan Slider|'''Manager'''|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayersp|Faytality|us|Chance Maynard|'''Manager'''|{{{1}}} }}
{{listplayersp|Insticnts|us|Travis Hardy|'''Manager'''|{{{1}}} }}
== Highlight Videos ==
== Highlight Videos ==

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Team FURY or Fury Gaming GG is a professional Call of Duty team located in the United States of America. Team FURY is owned by John "Spoozerr" Beecroft who works to grow the organization daily with his team. Team FURY currently attends all major LAN's within the Call of Duty community.


Player Roster



Date Left Player Role New Team
USA Aries Player None
USA Hans Player None



Real Name IGN Position
USA John Beecroft Spoozerr Owner
USA Jordan Slider Jay Slide Manager
USA Chance Maynard Faytality Manager
USA Travis Hardy Insticnts Manager

Highlight Videos

- CWL Qualifier Clutch SnD clutch by FURY Shipping for the 2016 CWL Call of Duty Qualifier


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