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{{member|team=Denial Esports|start_date=Apr 2019|stop_date=May 2019}}
{{member|team=Denial Esports|start_date=Apr 2019|stop_date=May 2019}}
{{member|team=Units|start_date=May 2019|stop_date=Jun 2019}}
{{member|team=Units|start_date=May 2019|stop_date=Jun 2019}}
{{member|team=LG|start_date=Jun 2019|stop_date='''Current'''}}
{{member|team=LG|start_date=Jun 2019|stop_date=Sep 2019}}
|image=Midnight Esports - Brack.png
|image=Midnight Esports - Brack.png
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Carson '''"Brack"''' Newberry is a Call of Duty player, currently playing for [[Luminosity Gaming]].
Carson '''"Brack"''' Newberry is a Call of Duty player that is currently a Restricted Free Agent.

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Midnight Esports - Brack.png
Background Information
NameCarson Newberry
Country of BirthUSA United States
TeamLuminosity Gaming
RoleAR Slayer
Social Media
Team History
Logo std2.png DeFy RebellionDec 2017Jan 2018
VexX Gaminglogo std.png VexX GamingJan 2018Mar 2018
Logo std2.png Forefit GamingApr 2018??? 2018
Logo std2.png VertaconJul 2018Jul 2018
Team Revengelogo std.png Team RevengeNov 2018Dec 2018
Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight EsportsDec 2018Mar 2019
Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png Excelerate GamingMar 2019Apr 2019
Denial eSportslogo std.png Denial eSportsApr 2019May 2019
Unitslogo std.png UnitsMay 2019Jun 2019
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity GamingJun 2019Sep 2019

Carson "Brack" Newberry is a Call of Duty player that is currently a Restricted Free Agent.


CoD: Black Ops 4

Brack joined Luminosity Gaming on June 19th, 2019, being part of the reformulation of the team roster for the next big events. He did not played any big CWL Lan event with the roster, but they will play the CWL 2019 Pro League Playoffs.



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