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Teamname icons

I *think* the problem might be file format ... it works with png files but possibly not with jpg. — Game widow (talk) 17:50, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

Oh okay. I'm not sure someone else has been making those teams so I'm not sure how they uploaded all of them.

Hello i'm french

Possible to remove this Gfinity, EGL UK, EGL FR,EGL ROE because it is more news. Now there Star Championship Bracket ( Sorry for the mistakes and my English

Thank you in advance !

Sure thing, I'll get it added tomorrow!

Hey Alex, its me Lewie (formerly Larcombe) am I some kind of admin? Because I can seem to move pages that I could not before like Aches to ACHES

Hello, possible to add Pro Points EU and Cdiscount MCup ? I ask because Goalie told me he necessary to pass through you but I'll pass that I will do

Current Standings
December 11th, 2014

Group A
1. Millenium.png Millenium 0-0
2. Aware.png Aware.EU 0-0
3. Nevroze.png neVroze 0-0
4. InS.png InSayed 0-0

Group B

1. x30px Vitality 0-0
2. Xenex.png xenex 0-0
3. Ascentia.png Ascentia 0-0
4. FabE.png FabE.DE 0-0
Group C
1. TCM.png TCM 0-0
2. Basic.png BasiC.UK 0-0
3. Pain.png Pain 0-0
4. Pulse.png Pulse 0-0

Group D

1. Epsilon.png Epsilon 0-0
2. FabE.png FabE.AllStars 0-0
3. AW.png Legit 0-0
4. Basic.png BasiC.FR 0-0

For the full schedule, detailed standings, complete results, and more click here

Hey, I know you don't like people changing up the Pro Points but could you consider the current table as a template? because not all the Aliases are correct. Thanks - Lewie

hey do you know the coding for 6 team double elim bracket for br regionals i just cantr seem to get it to work?