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Hey whats you twitter handle? I wanna talk to you when you have a moment. -Matt

you changed bacabec from Canada to Australia and Legend from USA to Canada and was wondering how you got different info-

Plz stop making changes to logos, unless River tells you to. Only add new logos.

Sharp is a Support player. Theory is the Objective. BTW, please write Objective instead of OBJ -Matt

where are you seeing that logo as legacy's logo

for the online qualifiers for champs i just want to know where are you getting that logo as legacys team logo when the legacy esports bran has a different one that the players use

ya thats the logo ive been seing

Lewie, can you start creating/updating player pages for all of the players that qualified from the eu regionals. I wont have to time to start working on them until tomorrow. Otherwise if you have something more important please work on that. - Matt

Who is Se7 & BeanBag?

Hey Lewie, Just noticed this. But I changed the formatting on the calendar from "06/08" to "June 8" to match the other wikis. Please just ask the next time.

--- Please Lewie stop reverting any logos that me or dan changed. They have been changed for a reason. I'm really getting sick of telling you to stop changing things. PLEASE ask me before you change things or I will have to talk to River.

UGC Niagara

This is the correct logo for UGC. There are two companies named UGC. UGC Events and UGC Niagara. They are completely different companies.

And @TeamCave_Gaming's short name is TCG: You can change the name to Cave Gaming is you want though.

Prophecy is not Prophecy Team they are "Prophecy"
^ I know you made this change a while ago, but please ask me before you move pages. I just had the Proph owner yelling at me in dms.

Yo, you put pro wannabe on my article but...ão He is really a Pro from Brazil... MLG Stream ; Where did u get thats information? thx

Team Names

The reason we don't do Epsilon eSports. NA is vs Epsilon NA is because the org name is Epsilon eSports and the team name is Epsilon NA. Yes I know we could technically do Epsilon eSports. NA, but you have to agree that it looks better. If Epsilon contacted me and asked me to change it to Epsilon eSports. NA i would. 100% understand where you are coming from though. GoalieeTV (talk)

Just out of curiosity, how did you become an Admin on the site? - Ghost (talk)