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Hey man, I just want to clarify that I'm not "taking shots" or trying to start an argument. I was just wondering, are you really a staff member on the site or are you a "self-declared" staff member? It says on your page & Twitter bio that you are a staff member, but it doesn't on the Staff page. Like I said, I'm not taking shots, I just don't want people going around "impersonating" staff members. Reply when you can, thanks. - Ghost (talk)

I am a staff member on the site. Goaliee told me that he just hasn't gotten around to adding me to the staff page yet. You can ask him yourself. - Jeddy

So sorry! Thanks for letting me know, though. -- NicoWeeko

I just Applied, Thanks!

I applied a few minutes ago. I really appreciate you asking me to apply. I guess that means I'm doing this wiki thing correctly! :)


I need you to approve the new edits to FlawlessGG!

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