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Hey Ghost, thank you for going through some of the player pages. I went though all of the changes and approved the appropriate changes. - Matt H (GoalieeTV) LMK if you ever want to help out with the site, I'll let you know what projects we are currently working on. Here is my talk page so you can contact me:
Thanks for updating all of the achievement page. Was going to do them today but you saved me a lot of time. Also here is the new achievements template: for Player and Team. We have just started using this on the player and team pages as it is a lot of work to go through all the pages and change the entire format. But so you know, newest achievements will go on the top and older ones will be at the bottom like this. - Goaliee

I fixed the Epsilon.NA/EU on front page thanks for pointing it out. GoalieeTV (talk)

Karma is still Canadian just has dual citizenship to my knowledge. So it should be changed back. I would ask but I don't have contact with him. GoalieeTV (talk)

Ya I'm working on them right now, cause I have some free time. I've done Epsi NA, iSo, Rise, TCM, and eLv. Working on OpTic Nation now. Feel free to work on any that I haven't started. Plan is to get everything changed to the new template before Season 3 playoffs.

All players too. But just keep in mind. PH = Players TH = Teams

For Season 1, S2, and S3 of AW. Every team made $8,000 for participating in the league. All the info in on this site --> Link

I'll be gone for the rest of the day. Thanks for the help. GoalieeTV (talk)

Do that or you can just delete "[[ ]] • [[ ]] " GoalieeTV (talk)

Burns is not a F/A he was trolling. Please leave new changes to me during RosterMania. Thanks GoalieeTV (talk)

Thats the onew page i look after so settle down bud- Bigmac

where'd you find another tournament win for BigT? BIGmAc (talk)

No we didn't have anything ready for the achievements pages. I'll get the logo at some point today. GoalieeTV (talk)

Look at the Staff Member page. I'm on the list now. Goaliee updated it. - Jeddy (talk)

Ya, I apologize for over stepping my ground, I tried to start helping but I went overboared. Thanks for stopping me to be honest, but I would like to ask that some roles be fixed because some are extremely off. Sorry again.

No It will not --GoalieeTV (talk) 17:41, 14 February 2016 (UTC)

But please don't start working on them yet. I want to have the full results done first. --GoalieeTV (talk) 17:42, 14 February 2016 (UTC)

Hey ghost be more careful about you edits with the news page. You completely fucked up the front page because you deleted the closing line of code for the news template. Don't worry I fixed it but just make sure you know what your deleting. --GoalieeTV (talk) 00:41, 12 May 2016 (UTC)