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I understand even I thought he was French (as I am French)

Faccento is not Canadian it was an error that was never corrected.


Hey, Well Legend used to play for Revenge and they said he was Canadian. And for Bacabec, he's not actually Canadian according to his teammates --Lewie (talk) 07:42, 8 February 2015 (UTC)

"why do you keep rejecting vfl allstars logo?" Yes I know its the correct logo, but we are switching everything over to the template. Just wait for us to update it.


Hey thanks for all the help so far :)

I would rather just use the base logo, instead of that for milagres.

Not sure what you're on about

Hey, don't need help right now with the scoreboard stats, I have people covering this weekend.

I'll let you know, if i need any help. :)

From their twitter, I need to change it though, they changed the logo again @LegacyEsportsNA --Lewie (talk) 23:57, 21 February 2015 (UTC)

Next time, just dm me on twitter, its faster. we already follow each other

please tell me this isnt the real logo lol

Please don't undo my work when it's correct and then edit the page to what I had it as. - Ghost (talk)

What do you mean it's the one page you look after? Unless someone like Goaliee says no one but you can edit it, then I won't. My info was correct, you don't need to undo my work so you can do it and take credit. It's stupid, pointless, and a waste of time so just stop doing things like that. - Ghost (talk)

It says on his profile page that he's a 13x champ and he was in the Guinness Book of World Records for it too. I also remember it being on his YouTube channel art, Twitter header, and Twitter bio. - Ghost

Because we have a new template. And I didn't know that those matches were official. But please message me before you make any page that has direct link on the front page. GoalieeTV (talk)

Thank you for the help today on the scoreboards. You saved me a lot of time. Really really appreciate it. LMK ahead of time if you want to help out :) - Goaliee