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Background Information
NameNick Barrios
Country of BirthUSA United States
RoleHybrid OBJ
Social Media
Team History
Logo std2.png Le GiZZ??? 2014Dec 2014
Logo std2.png TeamTwelveDec 2014Dec 2015
Logo std2.png 3SGJun 2016Present

NicoWeeko joined the CoD eSportspedia community on May 3rd, 2016.


Call of Duty: Ghosts

Nico's professional gaming career took off when he was found on Ghosts in a Gun Game lobby. He later was offered a spot on Le GiZZ' roster, which he accepted. Nico was one of the 4 original starters for Le GiZZ, alongside TunelessOsprey, Lego, and Reflex. They competed in many wagers, but never dared to sign up for LAND events.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Prior to Advanced Warfare's release, TunelessOsprey notified that he would be moving, and intended to be inactive for the weeks to come. Eventually, weeks became months, and everybody on Le GiZZ left, including Nico. Nico then attempted at creating his own team, known as TeamTwelve. The team consisted of Nico and 3 other friends: Exhale, Ranger, and Teep. However, due to poor chemistry, the four parted ways.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

With Black Ops III's release, and the hopes of Le GiZZ' recreation extremely low, Nico attempted at creating another new team in affiliation with an organization under the name of Scientific Instruments. Reflex was the only person from the original Le GiZZ roster to join Nico's new team. Along with him, Nico acquired Bunny, Yurchuck, and SpyGuy. Out of respect for TunelessOsprey, Nico refrained from naming his new team Le GiZZ, and instead named it 3SG. Now with a new team, Nico can compete again.

Current Team

Nico's current team is 3SG.

ID Name Primary Role
USA Bunny Robert Leahy Template:RoleSortNumber Hybrid Slayer
USA Yurchuck Dylan Yurchuck Template:RoleSortNumber Hybrid Slayer
USA Nico Nick Barrios Template:RoleSortNumber Hybrid OBJ
USA Reflex Jeff Mares Template:RoleSortNumber Support
USA SpyGuy Robert Sheldon Template:RoleSortNumber Substitute


  • He loves to watch the Call of Duty World League, and occasionally competes in events with his team.
  • He competes under the name of Nico.
  • His favorite North American Call of Duty team is H2k-Gaming.
  • His favorite ANZ Call of Duty team is Team Orbit ANZ.