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Template:Roster Navbox

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This Template will help you set up Roster Navboxes easier and translate them automatically.

Code to Use

{{Roster Navbox|teamname= |logo=
 |team1= |t1member1= |t1member2= |t1member3= |t1member4= |t1member5= }}


  • |teamname=: This is the name of the organisation, which signed all sub-teams.
    Example: For CLG Prime, CLG Black and CLG EU this field would contain Counter Logic Gaming.
  • |logo=: The logo that should be used on the right side of the navbox. Please just put in the filename without any "File:" or "Image:" infront and use "|logosize=" for changing the size.
  • |logosize=: Changes the size of the logo, standard size without changing this is 50px.
  • |team1= ... |team6=: Please enter here the name of the sub-team. If an organisation only has one team, please leave this field empty. Up to 6 sub-teams per organisation are supported right now, please contact Mr No if you need more.
  • |t1member1= ... |t1member9=: Lists the players of each subteam. The first 2 letters are for the subteam (t1 for the first team, t2 for the second one, etc.). Curently up to 9 players per team are supported, please contact Mr No if you need more.

Used templates