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This crossbox template is for usage on tournament pages in which there is a round robin group stage where teams play each other multiple times. The template currently supports eight teams.


  • Each team in the table is numbered one through eight and put in the variable spots |team1=, |team2=, up to |team8=.
  • Each team has seven "score" blanks where the head-to-head scores against each team should be placed. For example, the blank |t1t2score= should have the score for the team in |team1= against the team in |team2=.
  • For each score blank, a team will also have a winner blank. Place either 1 for a winning record, 2 for a losing record, or draw for an even record. This will change the background color of the corresponding cell of the table. If left blank, the cell will have the default white background color.

Copy & Paste

   |t1t2score= |t1t2winner=
   |t1t3score= |t1t3winner=
   |t1t4score= |t1t4winner=
   |t1t5score= |t1t5winner=
   |t1t6score= |t1t6winner=
   |t1t7score= |t1t7winner=
   |t1t8score= |t1t8winner=
   |t1t9score= |t1t9winner=
   |t1t10score= |t1t10winner=
   |t2t1score= |t2t1winner=
   |t2t3score= |t2t3winner=
   |t2t4score= |t2t4winner=
   |t2t5score= |t2t5winner=
   |t2t6score= |t2t6winner=
   |t2t7score= |t2t7winner=
   |t2t8score= |t2t8winner=
   |t2t9score= |t2t9winner=
   |t2t10score= |t2t10winner=
   |t3t1score= |t3t1winner=
   |t3t2score= |t3t2winner=
   |t3t4score= |t3t4winner=
   |t3t5score= |t3t5winner=
   |t3t6score= |t3t6winner=
   |t3t7score= |t3t7winner=
   |t3t8score= |t3t8winner=
   |t3t9score= |t3t9winner=
   |t3t10score= |t3t10winner=
   |t4t1score= |t4t1winner=
   |t4t2score= |t4t2winner=
   |t4t3score= |t4t3winner=
   |t4t5score= |t4t5winner=
   |t4t6score= |t4t6winner=
   |t4t7score= |t4t7winner=
   |t4t8score= |t4t8winner=
   |t4t9score= |t4t9winner=
   |t4t10score= |t4t10winner=
   |t5t1score= |t5t1winner=
   |t5t2score= |t5t2winner=
   |t5t3score= |t5t3winner=
   |t5t4score= |t5t4winner=
   |t5t6score= |t5t6winner=
   |t5t7score= |t5t7winner=
   |t5t8score= |t5t8winner=
   |t5t9score= |t5t9winner=
   |t5t10score= |t5t10winner=
   |t6t1score= |t6t1winner=
   |t6t2score= |t6t2winner=
   |t6t3score= |t6t3winner=
   |t6t4score= |t6t4winner=
   |t6t5score= |t6t5winner=
   |t6t7score= |t6t7winner=
   |t6t8score= |t6t8winner=
   |t6t9score= |t6t9winner=
   |t6t10score= |t6t10winner=
   |t7t1score= |t7t1winner=
   |t7t2score= |t7t2winner=
   |t7t3score= |t7t3winner=
   |t7t4score= |t7t4winner=
   |t7t5score= |t7t5winner=
   |t7t6score= |t7t6winner=
   |t7t8score= |t7t8winner=
   |t7t9score= |t7t9winner=
   |t7t10score= |t7t10winner=
   |t8t1score= |t8t1winner=
   |t8t2score= |t8t2winner=
   |t8t3score= |t8t3winner=
   |t8t4score= |t8t4winner=
   |t8t5score= |t8t5winner=
   |t8t6score= |t8t6winner=
   |t8t7score= |t8t7winner=
   |t8t9score= |t8t9winner=
   |t8t10score= |t8t10winner=
   |t9t1score= |t9t1winner=
   |t9t2score= |t9t2winner=
   |t9t3score= |t9t3winner=
   |t9t4score= |t9t4winner=
   |t9t5score= |t9t5winner=
   |t9t6score= |t9t6winner=
   |t9t7score= |t9t7winner=
   |t9t8score= |t9t8winner=
   |t9t10score= |t9t10winner=
   |t10t1score= |t10t1winner=
   |t10t2score= |t10t2winner=
   |t10t3score= |t10t3winner=
   |t10t4score= |t10t4winner=
   |t10t5score= |t10t5winner=
   |t10t6score= |t10t6winner=
   |t10t7score= |t10t7winner=
   |t10t8score= |t10t8winner=
   |t10t9score= |t10t9winner=

Taken from Leaguepedia