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Background Information
NameTed Kim
Country of BirthNorth America North America
TeamFree Agent
Social Media
Team History
Lethallogo std.png Lethal GamingMar 2017Jul 2017
Lethallogo std.png Lethal GamingOct 2017Mar 2018
Logo std2.png OneMindApr 2018Apr 2018
Lethallogo std.png Lethal GamingJul 2018Oct 2018
Logo std2.png Splyce BlackOct 2018Nov 2018
Mazerlogo std.png Mazer GamingDec 2018Dec 2018
Logo std2.png Project 18Jan 2019Jan 2019
WaRlogo std.png Team WaRMar 2019Current

Ted "TeddyRecks" Kim is currently playing for Team WaR.


Ted Kim, also known as Teddy Recks, blew up greatly in Black Ops 3 with his insane movement and Search and Destroy knowledge. Earning thousands of dollars in online wagers and tournaments he rose to the top and earned extravagant amounts of viewership on Twitch. In the World War 2 season, Ted and his SnD teammates decided to have a crack at playing respawn. Fighting their way through the Open Bracket they played well in the majors securing a Top 16 finish at Call of Duty Champs. Moving into the Black Ops 4 season, Teddy joined Splyce for a short time, this lasted only a few weeks due to difficulties to the team, although he mentioned he "loves Splyce, they treat us like Kings" it, unfortunately, did not work out resulting in Himself and Ramby building a team with Zaptius, MikeApox, and Super and playing at CWL Vegas under Mazer Gaming and securing a Top 20 placing, securing them a spot in the 2019 Pro League Qualifier. Unfortunately, after some grueling matches, they didn't make the league. The Team decided to go their separate ways and Teddy is now teaming with Ramby, Deelo, Decizionz, and Fatal for the upcoming event in Dallas.


  • Teddy was so well known for his sniper accuracy in Black Ops 3, having his very own "Pre-snipe" named after him on Redwood.
  • Him and his teammates often joked around that the Black Ops 3 map Redwood should be renamed "Tedwood" due to his pure dominance on that map.
  • He has a Dog called Loki, which was the inspiration for the Loki Gang, the name given to his Subscribers on Twitch. He also had another puppy called Popo, who recently passed, breaking the hearts of Teddy and his subscribers. Popo, will truly be missed.


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