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Team JusTus/Achievements

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Game End Date Event Place Winnings Roster
GameIcon AW.png 2015-10-18 MLGFinalslogo small.png MLG World Finals A55 - 6th $10,000 AssauhltSpaceLyKennyEnvoy
GameIcon AW.png 2015-09-06 UMGWashingtonDC2015logo small.png UMG Washington D.C. 2015 A99 - 12th $1,000 AssauhltSpaceLyKennyEnvoy
GameIcon AW.png 2015-05-22 MLGlogo small.png MLG Pro League Season 2 Regular Season B212th $8,000 StuDyyTcMOctaneMerK
GameIcon AW.png 2015-05-17 UMGCalifornia2015logo small.png UMG California 2015 A55 - 6th StuDyyTcMOctaneMerK
GameIcon AW.png 2015-02-06 MLGlogo small.png MLG Pro League Season 1 Regular Season A99th $8,000 ClassicMochilaCensorApathy
GameIcon AW.png 2015-01-02 UMGOrlando2015logo small.png UMG Orlando 2015 A44th $2,000 SlackedClassicEnableMochila
GameIcon AW.png 2014-11-30 MLGlogo small.png MLG Columbus Open 2014 A44th $500 SlackedClassicEnableMochila
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-11-02 ESWClogo small.png ESWC 2014 A99 - 16th DoubtBlfireEnableParasite
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-08-24 UMGlogo.png UMG Dallas 2014 A99 - 12th SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-08-08 MLGlogo small.png MLG CoD League Season 3 Regular Season B212th SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-07-19 ESWClogo small.png ESWC 2014 NA Finals A11st SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-06-22 MLGlogo small.png MLG Championship Anaheim: Open Bracket A44th $2,100 SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-06-14 MLGlogo small.png MLG CoD League Season 2 Regular Season B010th SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-05-02 UGC Niagaralogo small.png UGC Niagara 2014 B313 - 16th SinTwizzDoubtBlfire
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-03-08 Champs2014logo small.png Call of Duty Championship US Regional Final A99 - 12th StaiNViLLeGucciTipsyNeslo
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-02-17 MLGlogo small.png MLG CoD League Season 1 Regular Season A77th StaiNViLLeGucciTipsyNeslo
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2014-01-05 UMGlogo.png UMG Philadelphia 2013 A99 - 12th ChinoGucciTipsyHeist
GameIcon Ghosts.png 2013-11-14 MLGlogo small.png MLG Fall Championship A33rd $6,000 ChinoGucciTipsyStuDyy