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Team Heretics/History

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Black Ops 3

Founded in August 2016, Team Heretics acquired their first Call of Duty roster in the same month. The roster consisted of JurNii, Lucky, Oney and Pabloskis. Since some of the players were under the age of 18, they could not compete in the CWL. They finished 2nd at Madrid Gaming Experience 2016 and SocialNAT GGCup 2016.

Infinite Warfare

The team stayed together and placed well, even winning a few events. MethodZ replaced Oney to help bolster the roster for upcoming competition in the CWL.

World War II

Black Ops 4

Team Heretics added MeTTalZz to the team with CWL changing to 5 v 5. They won two out of the first three online 2K's and 2019 CWL Las Vegas Spanish National Qualifier. They placed Top 20 at 2019 CWL Las Vegas Open, which qualified them for the 2019 CWL Pro League Qualifier. Here they qualified for the CWL Pro League, which was a first for a Spanish Call of Duty team. The team would go on to place Top 8 at 2019 CWL Fort Worth, Top 6 at 2019 CWL London Open and Top 8 at 2019 CWL Anaheim Open. Heretics finished 10-12 in the 2019 CWL Pro League, ranked 4th. This placing gave them a bid in the 2019 CWL Pro League Playoffs.