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Cloud9 Swarley.jpg
Background Information
NameMichael Carter
Country of BirthCanada Canada
Birthday (1995-07-22) July 22, 1995 (age 23)
Social Media
Team History
Carnagelogo std.png Carnage--
ISologo std.png iSolation eSports-Apr 2015
Bzlogo std.png Below ZeroApr 2015Jun 2015
DT Blogo std.png Dream Team BlueJun 2015Jun 2015
STNNRlogo std.png Stunner GamingJun 2015Feb 2016
E6 Glogo std.png Enigma6 GoldFeb 2016Feb 2016
C9Elogo std.png Cloud9 EclipseFeb 2016-
C9logo std.png Cloud9Jul 2016Aug 2016
CoLlogo std.png compLexity GamingAug 2016Dec 2016
Redlogo std.png Red ReserveDec 2017Feb 2016
Logo std2.png Livin' the DreamFeb 2017Feb 2017
FOXlogo std.png Echo FoxMar 2017Mar 2017
3sUPlogo std.png 3sUPJul 2017Nov 2017
Logo std2.png Underworld EsportsNov 2017Dec 2017
Logo std2.png Armada eSportsDec 2017Jan 2018
Circa eSportslogo std.png Circa eSportsFeb 2018Feb 2018
Logo std2.png Mercy eSportsFeb 2018Mar 2018
Vastlogo std.png Vast eSportsMar 2018Apr 2018
Logo std2.png EZG.RedApr 2018Apr 2018

Mike "Swarley" Carter is competitive Call of Duty player and currently resides in Canada.



Swarley's first major event was MLG Columbus 2013, and was with Carnage ever since September 2013. Swarley's best performances during Call of Duty: Ghosts were UGC Niagara, UMG Dallas 2014 and UMG Nashville 2014. He would finish 17th/20th at all of these events with Carnage.


  • Swarley's favorite video game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Swarley's favorite thing outside of Call of Duty is playing and watching hockey.
  • Swarley was on the Stunner Gaming roster from January 2015 to February 2016, which means he was on the roster for a year and a month.


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