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Supremacy is an esports organization located in France.


Black Ops III

Before the 2016 EU CWL Stage 2 Regular Season, the team purchased Team LDLC's league spot. The roster for the Stage would consist of Zayrox, Malls, Vortex, and mAxxie.


  • 2018
  • 2017
  • 2016

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
2018/12/03 France YuuzL Lorenzo De Carvalho Player
2018/10/13 France Dynastie Daniel Martins Player
2018/10/13 Pakistan SenKa Faiz Aurang Player
2018/07/22 France Natshay Nathan Dupuis Player
2018/07/22 France Eazy Tommy Besse Player


Date Left Player Role New Team
2018/11/28 France Breszy Player Overtimelogo std.png Overtime
2018/10/07 France ATLAS Player Overtimelogo std.png Overtime
2018/07/22 France Veziok Player Logo std2.png None
2018/07/22 France Dynastie Player Sylogo std.png Sy
2018/07/22 France TonyJs Player PMlogo std.png pM
2018/07/22 France Vortex Player Logo std2.png None
2018/05/10 France Eazy Player AAalogo std.png aAa
2018/04/16 France YuuzL Player B3LAlogo std.png B3LA
2018/03/08 France Dynastie Player B3LAlogo std.png B3LA
2017/11/27 France Veziok Flex Logo std2.png FoX eSports
2017/04/17 France Malls Flex VITlogo std.png VIT
2017/04/07 France Wailers AR Slayer VITlogo std.png VIT
2017/02/08 Pakistan SenKa Main AR Logo std2.png Requiem
2016/10/25 Belgium Hosterz Slayer Logo std2.png None
2016/10/25 France Malls Support Milllogo std.png Mill
2016/09/30 France mAxxie OBJ Milllogo std.png Mill
??? France Zayrox Slayer Logo std2.png Hadouken
??? France RpLayy Slayer Logo std2.png None
??? France Zeroo Slayer Retiredlogo std.png Retired
??? France ZylewR OBJ Spartanlogo std.png Spartan
??? France Rekin Support KFR.Supremacylogo std.png KFR.Supremacy
??? France Getsom Slayer KFR.Supremacylogo std.png KFR.Supremacy
??? France TonyJaa Support KFR.Supremacylogo std.png KFR.Supremacy
??? France LowAn Support AGlogo std.png AG
??? Belgium Agonie Slayer AAalogo std.png aAa
??? France Krnage OBJ Milllogo std.png Mill
??? France AzoX Support AAalogo std.png aAa




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