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Release Date: August 22nd, 2015
Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops III
Developer: Treyarch
Name: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Weapon: Ripper
Ability: Active Camo
Competitive Start:
Competitive End:

Spectre is a Specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Next to nothing is known about the presumed wet-works Specialist, Spectre. The designation itself is a codename agreed upon by the various agencies that have pooled their intelligence on unsolved assassinations, inferring his or her existence based on either evidence found at the scene or from fragmentary reports given by shaken bystanders. Despite heavy redaction, all accounts suggest an individual capable of extraordinary stealth, able to evade or neutralize the most sophisticated of manned or automated security set-ups. In every case, Spectre's victims have been slain with surgically precise mid-line stab wounds with rarely any sings of struggle.


(Power Weapon) Arm upgrade that equips a lethal blade for extended melee lunge attacks.
Once active can be used while holding your weapon.
Can be used to quickly chain melee attacks against multiple victims.
A lock reticle appears on any enemy in range to indicate a valid target.
Regenerates energy faster than other Specialist Weapons.

Active Camo
Active Camo.png
(Ability) Become nearly invisible for a short duration.
Activation requires a short transition to become fully invisible.
While active, any attack will immediately de-active the Camo.
Effective in supporting stealth capture of objectives.
Useful in crossing open areas undetected.