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SocialNAT Master League

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SocialNAT Master League
League Information

"SocialNAT Master League" took place in Madrid, Spain on October 1st - 4th, 2015.


Prize Pool

€ 9,500 EUR (Approximately $ 10,650.26 USD) will be spread among the teams. [1]

Place Prize (EUR) Team Roster
011st 1st €3,500 Spirit Gaminglogo std.png Spirit Gaming EupHopeLukaaSammyTojoR
022nd 2nd €2,000 Summa.GGlogo std.png Summa.GG GameRGoobZsTyLeXxTeRReMoTo
043rd-4th 3rd-4th €1,000 Over Gaminglogo std.png Over Gaming BukaJK7LuckySuprazz
Serious Gaminglogo std.png Serious Gaming FlexzInvenJayZTorete
5th-8th €500.00 Deaka e-Sports Clublogo std.png Deaka e-Sports Club DirrtyIvaaNValiixFederz
Evident Victorylogo std.png Evident Victory FaKeRMarkitosLeemvkelangeloPabloo
Logo std2.png Inmortal Club bogepaboMBaaDe Mizradikal
Team Outbreaklogo std.png Team Outbreak JorGehPeTeTeSuareezSukry

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