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Background Information
NameJosiah Berry
Country of BirthUSA United States
Birthday (1997-05-20) May 20, 1997 (age 22)
TeamLuminosity Gaming
Social Media
Team History
Logo std2.png Notorious??????
UNiTE Gaminglogo std.png UNiTE Gaming??????
Logo std2.png Team Sigma??? ????Feb 2014
VexX Gaminglogo std.png VexX Gaming??? ????June 2014
Radius Gaminglogo std.png Radius GamingJuly 2014Aug 2014
Most Wantedlogo std.png Most WantedAug 2014Nov 2014
Team JusTuslogo std.png Team JusTusNov 2014Feb 2015
Team eLevatelogo std.png Team eLevateFeb 2015Oct 2015
Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise NationOct 2015Oct 2016
Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity GamingOct 2016Current

Josiah "Slacked" Berry is an American CoD player, currently playing for Luminosity Gaming.


Black Ops 1

Slacked first came on to the pro circut back in Black Ops 1 with Notorious where he finished in 7th place at MLG National Championship 2011 with Rybad, Mochila and Proshot.

Black Ops 2

After this Slacked didn't appear onto the scene again until Black Ops 2 in Frag Cup IV where out of 1,814 teams he managed to finish 2nd with Bobby, SpaceLy and Huhdle on JuKeD only just falling to a strong compLexity side. With the first Call of Duty Championship closing in a roster change would be made and also an organization change with UNiTE. Bobby who would leave to join Thrust Nation and in return picking up a Call Of Duty veteran in Clayster. This would prove to be a great choice as UNiTE would shock everyone at MLG Winter Championship 2013, the run started by beating Hysteria 3-0 in the first round and now one round off qualifying for Call Of Duty Championships Team FeaR would be the opponents, surprisingly UNiTE sweeped them 3-1 and secured there place at Call Of Duty Championships. Now with qualification secured OpTic Gaming would be up next for Slacked and the UNiTE team. This may have been the game that showed everyone that UNiTE were real contenders to win this event sweeping them 3-0. With a top 3 finish secured they faced the best team in the game Fariko.Impact and put up a good fight against Farkio but fell to them 3-1 and dropped to the losers bracket to face vVv Gaming which was a 3-0 in favor of UNiTE. The rematch against Fariko.Impact took place but UNiTE fell short again and lost 6-2 overall in map count and finished in 2nd place.

Slacked wasn't old enough to compete at Call Of Duty Championships so it was not until MLG Spring Championship 2013 Slacked was seen again and still on the UNiTE organization but now with 3 new teammates PHiZZURP, NAMELESS and Saints, they didn't achieve the finish they were looking for and finished a disappointing 6th which led to Slacked leaving UNiTE and searching for a new team and with an upcoming team in FaZe Clan looking for a roster Slacked found the perfect place for a new home. In joining FaZe, Slacked was reunited with two old teammates in Huhdle and SpaceLy with their 4th being Replays. Their first event as a team was a MLG PAX Prime Invitational 2013 and after after beating compLexity in their first pool play match things looked promising for this Faze team but they ended up finishing 4th after losing to compLexity in the semi-finals. FaZe's last event that they attended in Black Ops 2 was MLG Fall Invitational 2013 but they did not perform and finished 4th out of 4 teams.


With a new game coming out Slacked was dropped from the Faze roster and after Call Of Duty Championships managed to find himself a team for UGC Niagara 2014 with VexX Gaming and the roster consisting of himself, PLuTo, SlasheR and his old teammate Huhdle, this event was a success for the team finishing 3rd overall beating Curse Orange, Fuse and a team formed to beat CompLexity in FaZe Black and Team EnVyUs. After this event Slacked was picked up as a substitute for MLG CoD League Season 3 for Radius Gaming which lead to him eventually being a starter for the team as they were taken over by Most Wanted and Slacked's teammates being once again SpaceLy and Huhdle joined by Classic for the remainder of the league and Ghosts. UMG Dallas 2014 was the first event that Slacked and team attended, after having a good Friday beating Strictly Business and OpTic Nation they fell short on Saturday losing to Team EnVy 3-0 and then OpTic Gaming 3-1 in the losers bracket and finished 5th overall at the event. UMG Nashville 2014 was up next for this Most Wanted team and this was an event that they proved they could compete with the best of the best. Finishing 1st in their pool meant that a top 6 finish was secured, Faze were the opponents for Most Wanted to secure a top 3 placing and with a 3-1 victory secured that top 3 finish and faced Denial Esports who won the last event and after winning the first map lost the next three and were knocked down into the losers bracket to face off once again against Faze but this time Faze came out on top beating Most Wanted 3-0 and knocking Slacked and the team out of the tournament and with this they finished a respective 3rd place. After qualifying for the MLG CoD League Season 3 Playoffs after finishing 8th in the regular season. By finishing 8th it meant that Slacked and the team had to play 1st seed which was Team EnVy, after falling 3-0 to them they would have to make a losers bracket run to have a chance of winning and they did just that beating Faze, Denial Esports and OpTic Gaming and only just falling short to a strong Noble team losing 3-2 map count and finishing 3rd.

Advanced Warfare

With a strong finish to ghosts Slacked and the team were looking strong going in to AW when Most Wanted tried to merge with Curse, when this move collapsed Slacked joined JusTus alongside MW teammate Classic and two players from the Curse roster Mochila and Enable. Going into the first event Slacked and the team were performing well online and looked strong going into the first event of AW MLG Columbus Open 2014 but they did not live up to potential finishing a disappointing 8th place after falling to Denial Esports. UMG Orlando 2015 was next up for Slacked and the team and this event was a success finishing 4th and taking home $500 each. With Slacked still not old enough to compete at Call Of Duty Championships he didn't land himself on a team until after Champs. Slacked decided to join forces again with SpaceLy, Huhdle and JusTus teammate Classic under Team eLevate. The team then went into the MLG Seaon 2 Relegation Tournament to try and qualify for MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 2, the team managed to do this but after a poor start to the league Slacked as the captain of the team decided it was best to make roster changes and after a flurry of roster changes the team was Slacked, Classic, TJHaLy and a fairly unknown player in Temp, the team would then only lose one game for the rest of the season and finish 4th in the regular season standings. With Slacked not able to attended UMG California 2015 due to personal reasons, MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 2 Playoffs would be Slacked and the teams first event as a full roster and with an X-Games medal on the line the team didn't want to disappoint and they didn't finishing 3rd and securing a Bronze medal at the event. After X-Games the team decided it would be in their best interests to make roster changes, TJHaLy and Temp were both released and Saints and Apathy joined. Going into UMG Dallas 2015, Slacked and the team looked stronger than before and proved that in pool play going 4-0 and 12-0 in map count. This was short lived as Slacked and the team would lose both of their bracket matches and finished a disappointing 12th. After this event just like the previous a roster change was made again by Slacked but this time bringing TJHaLy back on the team and releasing Apathy. With the team now Slacked, Classic, TJHaLy and Saints, Gfinity Summer Championship was next for Team eLevate but with Saints and TJHaLy not able to attended the event Replays and SlasheR joined for the event, it was a disappointing finish for the team only getting 8th place. MES Detroit 2015 was up next and with the top 3 teams not attending and with the full roster this was Slacked's chance to win his first event and him and the team did just that only dropping one map the whole event and the map lose came to Rise in the final but beat them 3-1 overall. After this event win Team eLevate headed into UMG DC very confident of taking down OG and Faze, they didn't manage to do this not playing either at the event but a 3rd place finish was a strong finish for Slacked and the team only losing to Denial Esports the entire event both times losing 3-2. The online league was in progress at this point and after the league was reset due to teams having connection issues, Team eLevate took full advantage of this going 9-2 in the league only losing to OpTic Gaming and ISolation Empire, with this recored they managed to secure 2nd seed going into MLG Pro League Season 3 Playoffs. They finished 4th at the event after making a losers bracket run falling to Faze 4-2 in the Losers Semi-Finals. After this event a roster change was made with Classic leaving to join Denial Esports, Slacked and the team picked up Octane going into the final event for AW.

Slacked joined Luminosity Gaming on October 28th, 2016.

CoD: Black Ops 4

Slacked is the player who has the most time on the LG CoD team. He started the Black Ops 4 season with a top 4 at the 2019 CWL Las Vegas Open, later they won the 2019 CWL Fort Worth Open, got top 8 at the 2019 CWL London Open and top 12 at 2019 CWL Anaheim Open. He will play the CWL 2019 Pro League Playoffs.


  • Slacked's first team to place top eight was with Notorious.


  • 2016

February 11th, Slacked Rise Nation - Call of Duty® World League with Call of Duty