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Background Information
NameKale Schillein
Country of BirthCanada Canada
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Team History
Hysterialogo std.png HysteriaCurrent
Tvalogo std.png TvaCurrent
Logo std2.png MRKN eSportsCurrent
VQlogo std.png VanQuish GamingCurrent
DNLlogo std.png Denial eSportsCurrent
Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit NACurrent
WiLDlogo std.png WiLD GamingMay 2014Jun 2014
MRKNWiLDlogo std.png MRKNWiLDJun 2014Aug 2014
Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit NACurrent

Kale "Schillez" Schillein was a professional Call of Duty player who is now retired and was known for winning UMG Dallas 2013 with VanQuish Gaming


In May 2007, Schillez played a game called Shadowrun, he was noticed in a public match by a GameBattles admin who made him aware of the GameBattles site. He had no clue what competitive gaming was at the time and decided that it would be fun to compete on a ladder in a team atmosphere, so he gave it a try. Schillez quickly climbed to the top of the ranks on the Team Ladder and he loved playing to win. Later that year he picked up Call of Duty 4 with his real life friends and introduced them to GameBattles. Although he played on GameBattle, he only made the switch to playing MLG settings in the later half of Modern Warfare 2.


  • He got his IGN by changing the 'in' in his last name to a 'z'
  • Got into competitive gaming because he missed the competitiveness of playing Hockey and Box Lacrosse
  • One of his favorite moments in his competitive career is winning UMG Dallas 2013
    • He felt awesome being on main stage for pretty much the whole event and destroying every team there
  • Historify since 2007 where he teamed with him on the game Shadowrun