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SLE - Pix&Tech
League Information
CountryFr.png France  [[Category:Unrecognised Country||Fr.png France]]

Tournament FR

The association

Originally, the association " Club Business " led the project South Lan Event. Since SLE9 the South Lan Event has become a full Association .

1901 law association created in June 2009 to promote IT in the context of specific events and cultural aims .

These manifestations are LANParty type including players in the entire network France . What we do

So we as the basis for our project associative part of the equipment required for Lan lent by the " club pros" Frontignan , so all the equipment needed for the event.

Our goal is then to organize a gathering of players at the Salle Georges Brassens ( Saint- Gely -du- Fesc Hérault) . Indeed , the phenomenon of video games, with the expansion of new technologies , has more success. This is manifested by the increase in e-sports competitions , through France and even all over the world.

However, we observe a lack of such organizations in the south , despite a sizeable community of players.

It is for this reason that we want Saint- Gely -du- Fesc could host a similar event , first to show that here, too , this community is beautiful and very active , and to create in Saint- Gely -du- Fesc a key event in the world of network game , at a national level .

We then want to organize Sain- Gely -du- Fesc an event that create a friendly atmosphere where each player holding her computer could play , means of video game tournaments network aims .

Our plan is then to organize, twice a year the major event in the game world : the LAN EVENT SOUTH Saint- Gely -du- Fesc .

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
011st 1st €1,500 x20px Vitality Fr.png Gotaga, Fr.png BrokyBrawks, Fr.png Krnage, Fr.png Riskin
022nd 2nd €500 Unnamed.png Unnamed Fr.png Deviza, Fr.png devicZ, Fr.png Crizia, Fr.png RealMelo
033rd 3rd €500 Igamerz.png iGamerz Titans Fr.png Gaiden, Fr.png TeLo, Fr.png Sawsik, Fr.png Boriszu