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Team Information
Manager(s)Noriaki "Shirley" Suzuki
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SCARZ is a Japanese eSports team which started pro gaming in 2015.


SCARZ is a Japanese eSports team which started pro gaming in 2015.

SCARZ was first established in 2012 as a Battlefield 3 team. It was founded by CEO ONEONE. The name comes from the word "Scar" and like a scar they want to be a team that people will remember with the traces they make. Their team colour is Red and Green. On their fourth year of establishment, they expanded their area into more FPS, MOBA and other competetive games as a sem-pro team. Now they are active as a pro team. They participate in events like Tokyo Game Show, Redbull 5G and Cyac offline tournaments. They aim to compete with high standards in eSports and hope to leave good results internationally.


  • 2019

Player Roster


Alias Name Primary Role
Australia Cruze Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Australia Micka Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Australia Tyson Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Australia Excite Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Australia BuZZO Template:RoleSortNumber Player


Alias Name Primary Role
Australia Liaym Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Australia Immense Template:RoleSortNumber Player
Japan Shokuso Template:RoleSortNumber OBJ
Japan Hunt Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer
Japan Nekokan1st Template:RoleSortNumber Support
Japan Yosimasu Template:RoleSortNumber Support
Japan Empty Template:RoleSortNumber Slayer


Alias Name Position
Japan ONEONE Youichi Tomori Template:RoleSortNumber CEO
Japan Shirley Noriaki Suzuki Template:RoleSortNumber Team Manager
  1. Immense twitlonger