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News/Archive 2019/March

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March 31st
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Frosty, Super, Spoof, Pandur rejoin. GodRx joins.
March 26th
AP Vertex Gaminglogo std.png Vertex Black Cruze and Tyson leave.
March 24th
NA Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer DraMa leaves.
EU LanZz Gaminglogo std.png LanZz JonnyW leaves.
March 23rd
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Frosty, Pandur, Spoof, Super and Zaptius leave.
March 21st
NA InControl Gaminglogo std.png InC Apox, Cells, Hollow, Vivid and Stamino leave.
NA Aspire eSportslogo std.png AE Tisch, RobbieB, FA5TBALLA, TurnUp2eZ and Mosh join.
NA Logo std2.png Aspire (UG) Happy, RobbieB, FA5TBALLA, TurnUp2eZ and Johnny leave.
March 20th
EU Lightning Pandaslogo std.png LP Maple joins.
LA Logo std2.png Nova Dragons Roster of Logo std2.png Mafia Esports signed: CruxiaL, Destinyy, Dezer7z, Rakzyy and SteeMz join.
March 19th
NA EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited Simp moves into starting roster. JKap moves to substitute.
NA FC Blacklogo std.png FC Black Simp leaves.
AP F7logo std.png F7 Astatix, Faisal, Khizma, Spjce, and Swanny27 join.
March 17th
CWLlogo small.png
Gold.png Luminosity Gaminglogo std.png Luminosity Gaming Silver.png Splycelogo std.png Splyce in the 2019 CWL Fort Worth .
CWLlogo small.png
Gold.png FC Blacklogo std.png FC Black Silver.png Mindfreaklogo std.png Mindfreak in the 2019 CWL Fort Worth Open Brackets.
EU Red Reservelogo std.png Red EU Bance leaves.
March 14th
NA FC Blacklogo std.png FC Black Cellium joins. Simp joins on loan from eUnited.
NA FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Cellium leaves.
March 13th
NA Team WaRlogo std.png WaR Fatal, Ramby, TeddyRecks, Decizionz and Deelo join.
March 12th
NA Gen.Glogo std.png GEN Envoy joins.
March 10th
EU Black Forest Gameslogo std.png BFG Torres retires.
EU Movistar Riderslogo std.png Movistar Denza retires.
March 8th
NA Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png XLG Skyz, MRuiz, JetLi, Brack and ProFeeZy join, while Atura joins as a coach.
NA Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Blazt, Parasite and Lacefield joins.
NA Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Brack, Envoy and JetLi leaves.
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG Attach joins.
NA Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png E6 Chino joins.
NA Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png E6 Kade leaves.
NA UYUlogo std.png UYU Beehzy joins as a substitute.
NA Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Saints joins.
March 7th
NA UYUlogo std.png UYU Parzelion joins.
NA Midnight Esportslogo std.png Midnight Atura and Parzelion leave.
NA UYUlogo std.png UYU Skyz leaves.
March 6th
NA UYUlogo std.png UYU Spoof leaves.
NA Gen.Glogo std.png GEN SpaceLy becomes restricted Free Agent.
NA Excelerate Gaminglogo std.png XLG Roster is disbanded. Beehzy, Believe, MRuiz, ProFeeZy and RobbieB leave.
EU Final Gaminglogo std.png Final Cranky moves to substitute while TPiece joins active roster.
EU Free Agentlogo std.png Final Realize retires.
EU Logo std2.png Team Manics Meemo, HCopley, Chunk, Linney and Ryann join.
March 5th
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG Faccento retires.
March 1st
EU Movistar Riderslogo std.png Movistar Wartex joins.
EU Team Reciprocitylogo std.png REC Dylan joins. Denz moves to substitute.
EU Team Singularitylogo std.png SNG Esports Keza and Maple join.