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News/Archive 2019/July

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July 30th
EU Logo std2.png Push Gaming Ninjaso, EriKBooM, JunFriiX, MaxedZ and envdiaN leave.
EU Giants Gaminglogo std.png Giants Braaain, Niall, SupeR, Sukry, YaKo and Asen leave.
July 29th
NA Vanitylogo std.png Vanity Organization signs former roster of EXcaliburlogo std.png eXcalibur: Reaper, Deelo, Owakening, Landxnn and Willett join.
July 26th
NA RBL eSportslogo std.png RBL Signs roster of Logo std2.png Fire Sticks Gaming. Glory, Gunsiii, 2ReaL, KlinK and HumanJesus join while Oog, Pemby, TTinyy, Nelson and Conbix leave.
July 23rd
NA LGND Statuslogo std.png LGND Mizuno joins as coach.
NA Team eLevatelogo std.png eLv DREAL joins as coach.
July 22nd
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG Evil Geniuses has announced that they will not be purchasing a CDL franchise spot or participating in city-based Call of Duty Franchising
July 21st
CWLlogo small.png
Gold.png EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited Silver.png Gen.Glogo std.png Gen.G in the 2019 CWL Pro League Playoffs.
July 17th
NA Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Mosh, Apox, Spacely (on loan from Gen.G), Parzelion, and JetLi all join for CWL Miami.
July 12th
NA HyperBoom Esportslogo std.png HB Hitman and Disarray join.
July 10th
NA Sicario Gaminglogo std.png Sicario Tommey, Linney, Chino, Proto and Exceed join.
July 9th
EU TaL eSportslogo std.png TaL Maple joins.
EU Movistar Riderslogo std.png Movistar Supraaz joins.
July 6th
EU Fuego Gaminglogo std.png Fuego MadCat, BBConor, Chaaxter, Hawqeh and Payne join.
July 3rd
NA RBL eSportslogo std.png RBL Fatal and Oog join.
NA Hybrid Gaminglogo std.png HYB Stamino, Spoof, Pentagrxm, Pandur and Beehzy join.
NA Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Stamino, Pentagrxm and Beehzy leave.
AP SCARZlogo std.png SCZ Excite and BuZZO join. Immense and Liaym leave.
July 1st
CWLlogo small.png
Logo std2.png CWL Los Angeles Team and Logo std2.png CWL Minnesota Team announced to join the CWL Franchise League.