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News/Archive 2019/January

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January 15th
EU Black Forest Gameslogo std.png BFG Keza leaves.
EU Team Divinelogo std.png Divine Niall, Creza and Deleo re-signed while endurAAA and Keza join.
NA Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer Vivid replaces SupremeAgility on roster for the 2019 CWL Pro League Qualifier
January 8th
EU Giants Gaminglogo std.png Giants YaKo leaves.
January 8th
NA Pittsburgh Knightslogo std.png Knights Ricky and Saints join.
January 5th
AP Mindfreaklogo std.png MF Beastn joins while BuZZO joins as a coach.
NA Mazer Gaminglogo std.png Mazer SupremeAgility, Vicious, Wrecks, Destiny andNewbz announced as roster for the 2019 CWL Pro League Qualifier
January 4th
AP UYUlogo std.png UYU GorgoKnight joins.
January 2nd
NA MHP Esportslogo std.png MHP Destiny, Newbz, SupremeAgility, Wrecks and Vicious leave.
EU Giants Gaminglogo std.png Giants envdiaN joins, while Lgend leaves.
EU Movistar Riderslogo std.png Movistar Katru joins, while peLukaa leaves.