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News/Archive 2018/September

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September 28th
AP Mindfreaklogo std.png MF Excite joins.
AP TabooESClogo std.png Taboo Excite leaves.
September 27th
NA OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OG TJHaly and Dashy join. Karma rejoins.
NA Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise TJHaly leaves.
NA CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL Dashy leaves.
September 26th
NA Hundred Thieveslogo std.png 100T SlasheR and Enable join.
NA Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise SlasheR leaves the team.
AP Mindfreaklogo std.png MF Denz leaves the team.
September 22nd
NA Team EnVyUslogo std.png nV ACHES, Apathy, Assault and SiLLY join. Bevils joins as coach.
NA Team EnVyUslogo std.png nV Classic, Chino and Decemate leave.
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG ACHES, Apathy, Assault, SiLLY and Bevils leave.
NA Logo std2.png Masked Solo, Huhdle, JHaZe, Phenom and Bullseye join.
September 21st
EU The Imperiallogo std.png Imperial Niall leaves.
September 20th
EU Team Prismaticlogo std.png pM Zayrox leaves.
September 19th
NA EZG eSportslogo std.png EZG Atura and Parzelion leave.
NA MRKN Clanlogo std.png MRKN Clan TTinyy joins.
EU EcHo Gaminglogo std.png EcHo Sanchez, Brownie and Rocky join.
EU Brash eSportslogo std.png Brash Nevo and Dylan leave.
EU Black Forest Gameslogo std.png BFG Verdict retires.
EU Team Prismaticlogo std.png pM Blfire leaves.
EU Team Hereticslogo std.png Heretics MeTTalZz joins.
EU Red Reservelogo std.png Red EU Bance joins.
EU Team Vitalitylogo std.png VIT Tommey leaves.
September 17th
AP Mindfreaklogo std.png MF Louqa joins.
September 13th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Bance leaves.
September 12th
NA GAS Gaminglogo std.png GAS KiSMET leaves.
September 10th
NA MRKN Clanlogo std.png MRKN Clan Miyagi joins.
NA Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost Lacefield, Parasite, GodRx and Pandur leave.
September 4th
NA Krisis Gaminglogo std.png Krisis KiLLa, TwiZz, TcM and SupremeAgility join.
NA Hundred Thieveslogo std.png 100T Muddawg joins as Head of eSports operation.
NA CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL Blazt becomes restricted Free Agent.
NA InControl Gaminglogo std.png InC Legal leaves.
September 1st
NA EZG eSportslogo std.png EZG Apox leaves.