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News/Archive 2018/March

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March 29th
NA EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited As a coach, Saint joins.
EU EMonkeyzlogo std.png EMK Machete leaves.
March 28th
NA Echo Foxlogo std.png FOX Saints will be absent for 2018 CWL Birmingham Open and Nagafen will be the replacement for the event.
March 27th
EU Logo std2.png Devious Gaming Niall, Nolson, SunnyB and Zerg join.
EU Logo std2.png eHawks Niall, Nolson, SunnyB and Zerg leave.
March 23rd
EU Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone QwiKeR, Braaain, Peatie and Zed join.
March 21st
EU Logo std2.png Overtime eSports Bidz, GefKid leave, Jostee and Jord join.
EU Logo std2.png eHAWKS Niall, Nolson, SunnyB and Zerg join.
March 19th
NA Logo std2.png eHAWKS NA TcM, Rallied, Dedo and TwiZz leave.
March 16th
NA Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal Ramby, MuTeX, MajorManiak and TeddyRecKs leave.
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Remy, Mochila, Reedr and Nagafen join.
EU Logo std2.png Delirium Muscova, SaYko, HeaTz and Xenon join.
EU Logo std2.png Crystal Timeless Muscova, SaYko, HeaTz and SlyZh leave.
March 15th
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Blazt, Fero, Ricky and Decemate leave.
March 14th
NA Lightning Pandaslogo std.png LP Censor joins.
March 13th
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Reedy joins as a sub.
March 9th
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Blazt joins.
March 8th
EU Supremacylogo std.png Sy Dynastie leaves. YuuzL joins.
March 7th
EU Most Wanted EUlogo std.png MW EU Zed, Peatie, Braaain and QwiKeR join.
March 6th
NA Most Wantedlogo std.png MW Mochila leaves.
NA FURY Gaminglogo std.png FURY Remy, Stevey, Shipping and CBALL join.
March 5th
NA Earthroot Gaminglogo std.png ERG Anihmal, Hate, GorgoKnight and Skyz join.
NA Logo std2.png 3Kings Anihmal, Hate, GorgoKnight and Skyz leave.
March 3rd
NA PURE Gaminglogo std.png PURE Baker, Apox, SpaceLy and LlamaGod join.
NA JuKeDlogo std.png JuKeD Baker, Apox, SpaceLy and LlamaGod leave.
March 2nd
NA Most Wantedlogo std.png MW Blazt leaves.
EU Team Prismaticlogo std.png pM SteLios join.
EU Logo std2.png DIVIZON SteLios leaves.