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News/Archive 2018/August

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August 31st
NA Hundred Thieveslogo std.png 100T Octane joins.
NA OpTic Gaminglogo std.png OG Octane leaves.
NA Team WaRlogo std.png WaR Believe leaves.
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Hawqeh, Vortex and Reedy leave.
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Bance becomes restricted Free Agent.
August 29th
NA Enigma6 Grouplogo std.png E6 Diabolic and Sender leave.
NA Mentality Esportslogo std.png Mentality Demise and Tisch leave.
NA Team Kaliberlogo std.png tK Accuracy leaves.
EU ZoneGGlogo std.png Zone endurAAA leaves.
August 28th
NA Hundred Thieveslogo std.png 100T Kenny and Fero join.
NA Team Kaliberlogo std.png tK Kenny, Fero and Enable leave.
August 24th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Joshh leaves.
NA Team WaRlogo std.png WaR Kade and Envoy leaves.
August 23rd
NA Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal Zaptius leaves.
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY MadCat leaves.
August 20th
NA Team eLevatelogo std.png eLv Maux, Proto, SpaceLy and MajorManiak leaves.
NA EZG eSportslogo std.png EZG RobbieB leaves.
NA Regal Reservelogo std.png RR ProFeeZy leaves.
August 19th
NA Blackoutlogo std.png Blackout JHaZe leaves.
August 13th
EU Team Prismaticlogo std.png pM Zayrox, Malls, Wailers and TonyJs join.
EU Monaco eSportslogo std.png Monaco Zayrox leaves.
NA GAS Gaminglogo std.png GAS Blfire leaves.