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News/Archive 2017/September

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September 23rd
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Rallied joins.
September 21st
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG ACHES, Apathy and Enable join.
September 19th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Tommey joins.
September 18th
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Havok joins.
EU Fnaticlogo std.png FNC Tommey, SunnyB, Skrapz and wuskin leave.
September 16th
EU Red Reservelogo std.png Red EU Rated rejoins. Zer0 and Joshh join.
September 14th
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Dedo joins.
NA Cyclonelogo std.png Cyclone Prophet, FA5TBALLA, Jsano and TuQuick join.
September 8th
NA Circa eSportslogo std.png Circa eSports Evasion, Stringo, Cells and TJerd join.
September 6th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Zer0 leaves.
September 5th
NA Projekt Evillogo std.png Projekt Evil MRuiz, ExiB, Tempo, and Holler join.
AP Mindfreaklogo std.png MF.Black Swiftaz0r leaves.
September 4th
NA Evil Geniuseslogo std.png EG Nagafen leaves.
September 1st
EU Team eLevatelogo std.png Elv EU Desire and Zed leave.