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News/Archive 2017/June

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June 28th
AP Logo std2.png UnVeiL NoVa RanGer and SolidRain join.
AP Rampage Gaminglogo std.png Rampage RanGer and SolidRain leave.
NA Ghost Gaminglogo std.png Ghost SpaceLy, Lacefield, Maux and LlamaGod join.
June 27th
EU Team Infusedlogo std.png infs Alexx, Zerg, Niall and Nolson join.
EU Logo std2.png eRa Eternity EU Revolt, SamB, Momentus and Defrag join. Alexx, Zerg and Niall leave.
June 26th
EU Milleniumlogo std.png Mill QwiKeR joins and Nolson leaves.
EU Logo std2.png eRa Eternity EU QwiKer leaves.
June 25th
AP TabooESClogo std.png Taboo Zeuss, Rival, JayTex and Chilean joins.
AP Logo std2.png Validate eSports Guydra, Perko and Flarez joins.
AP Logo std2.png RageESC Flarez leaves.
June 23rd
NA FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clayster leaves. Gunless joins.
NA EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited Gunless leaves. Clayster joins.
June 22nd
NA Logo std2.png Gorilla Core Krevz leaves. Knuckles joins.
NA Denial eSportslogo std.png DNL Prophet leaves.
June 19th
EU Logo std2.png Team Innotio‏ Veziok, MeNaCe, UnwiZe and Staan join.
EU Logo std2.png Team MRN mAxxie and ZeeK join.

June 12th
AP SYF Gaminglogo std.png SYF Chilean leaves. Tyson joins.
NA Str8 Rippinlogo std.png Str8 Ricky, StuDyy, SinfuL and Dashy join.
June 11th
MLGlogo small.png
Gold.png Red Reservelogo std.png Red Reserve EU Silver.png Supremacylogo std.png Supremacy in the MLG GameBattles 2K Series EU 2017-06-11.
BSOGlogo small.png
Gold.png SKAE Gaminglogo std.png sKAE Gaming Silver.png Virtue Gaminglogo std.png Virtue Gaming in 2017 BSOG Pro League Season 2 Regular Season.
Gold.png Tainted Mindslogo std.png Tainted Minds Silver.png Logo std2.png Mindfreak.Black in the MLG GameBattles 2K Series APAC 2017-06-11.
June 9th
NA Echo Foxlogo std.png FOX Sender and Diabolic join.
NA Denial eSportslogo std.png DNL Blfire leaves. KiLLa joins.
AP Logo std2.png Sleeper Gaming Carry joins.
EU U4X eSportslogo std.png U4X Copley leaves.
June 6th
NA Echo Foxlogo std.png FOX Pandur and GodRx leave.
June 5th
NA ERa Eternitylogo std.png eRa E Holler, Beehzy, Bounds and Stamino join.
June 4th
AP Logo std2.png RageESC Lakie leaves.
MLGlogo small.png
Gold.png EUnitedlogo std.png eUnited Silver.png Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses in the MLG GameBattles 2K Series NA 2017-06-04.
MLGlogo small.png
Gold.png Tainted Mindslogo std.png Tainted Minds Silver.png Logo std2.png DJCN in the MLG GameBattles 2K Series APAC 2017-06-04.
June 3rd
AP Tainted Mindslogo std.png Tainted Excite joins.
June 1st
NA Team Allegiancelogo std.png ALG SinfuL leaves. Spoof joins.