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News/Archive 2016/January

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January 31st
AvTlogo small.png
Gold.png Citadel Gaminglogo std.png Citadel Gaming Silver.png Logo std2.png Keep it Cute Crew Bronze.png Logo std2.png Arsenic Gaming in AvT Auckland 2016.
January 29th
OCE Team Exile5logo std.png x5 Hoju joins. Glodek leaves.
January 28th
EU Eye4 eSportslogo std.png E4 Defrag and Zerg join.
January 26th
NA Rush Gaminglogo std.png RUSH.G Question Marklogo std.png Question Mark becomes Rush eSportslogo std.png Rush eSports. ProoFy, ColeChan, Pacman, and Whea7s join.
NA Cloud9logo std.png C9 SinfuL, Accuracy, CaLiFa, and KiLLa join.
EU TCM-Gaminglogo std.png TCM Zerg released. SunnyB joins.
January 24th
MESlogo small.png
Gold.png Onslaught eSportslogo std.png Onslaught eSports Silver.png Most Wantedlogo std.png Most Wanted Bronze.png Logo std2.png Regency Gaming in MES Detroit 10K 2016.
link= Perfect Alliance
ResenT Gaminglogo std.png ResenT Gaming.USA qualify for Perfect Alliance Black Ops 3 League.
January 23rd
link= Perfect Alliance
EZG eSportslogo std.png EZG eSports and Phoenix Prologo std.png Phoenix Pro qualify for Perfect Alliance Black Ops 3 League.
EU Rift Gaminglogo std.png Rift Revolt, Fragular, Jevans, and Harley join.
January 22nd
FPLlogo small.png
VanQuish Gaming Pinklogo std.png VanQuish Gaming Pink and U4X eSportslogo std.png U4X eSports qualify for Female Pro League Season 1.
January 19th
EU PuLse Gaminglogo std.png PuLse PleasR joins.
January 18th
EU Milleniumlogo std.png Mill H Insight and Seany join.
January 17th
FPLlogo small.png
Riot Gaminglogo std.png Riot Gaming, InControl Gaming Ladieslogo std.png InControl Gaming Ladies, Nerdettelogo std.png Nerdette, Stunner.eXslogo std.png Stunner.eXs, EXcellence Gaming Ladieslogo std.png eXcellence Gaming Ladies, Hamburger Hängerlogo std.png Hamburger Hänger, Kinetic Empirelogo std.png Kinetic Empire, Sway Gaminglogo std.png Sway Gaming, UX Gaminglogo std.png UX Gaming, Mutinylogo std.png Mutiny, Fatal Ambitionlogo std.png Fatal Ambition and EZG eSportslogo std.png EZG eSports qualify for Female Pro League Season 1.
SEA SnK eSportslogo std.png SnK Rampage Gaminglogo std.png Rampage Gaming's roster acquired. RanGer, Bloo, Greys, and Skywhite join.
January 15th
NA Team Liquidlogo std.png TL MerK, Burnsoff, Apathy and StuDyy join.
January 13th
EU Team-LDLClogo std.png LDLC Team Spartanlogo std.png Team Spartan's roster acquired. Getsom, Zayrox, TonyJ's, and ZylewR join.
January 11th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Hawqeh joins.
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Reedy joins.
January 10th
ESLlogo small.png
Logo std2.png Rvo3 qualifies for 2016 Call of Duty Asia Championship.
January 9th
link= Perfect Alliance
Apprehension ESportslogo std.png Apprehension ESports, Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal Gaming, Jester eSportslogo std.png Jester eSports, and Team Vigorlogo std.png Team Vigor qualify for Perfect Alliance Black Ops 3 League.
AGN Eventslogo std.png
Gold.png Logo std2.png Versatile Silver.png BitterSweetlogo std.png BitterSweet Bronze.png Logo std2.png Team Infinity in AGN Indianapolis 2016.
ESLlogo small.png
FURY Gaminglogo std.png FURY Gaming qualifies for 2016 Call of Duty Asia Championship.
ESLlogo small.png
Rampage Gaminglogo std.png Rampage Gaming and Logo std2.png Team NoVa qualify for 2016 Call of Duty Asia Championship.
January 6th
NA H2k-Gaminglogo std.png H2k Apotheon Esportslogo std.png Apotheon Esports's roster acquired. FEARS, LegaL, PHiZZURP, and Lacefield join.
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Hawqeh joins.
January 5th
EU Splycelogo std.png SPY Vortex joins.
January 4th
CWLlogo small.png
ANZ, EU, and NA Stage 1 delayed until next week due to PlayStation Network outage.
EU TCM-Gaminglogo std.png TCM Logo std2.png NGZB's roster acquired. Bran, Niall, ShAnE, and Zerg join. Geth moves to substitute position.
EU U4X eSportslogo std.png U4X RiRi, Necrome, Ryann, and Cambo join.
January 3rd
eu FAB Games eSportslogo std.png fabE Torres rejoins.
January 2nd
OCE Team Exile5logo std.png x5 Logo std2.png Pure N3gs's roster acquired. Glodek, Huna, Squizzy, and Tupacah join.