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News/Archive 2016/December

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December 20th
NA Logo std2.png Trigger Happy Proofy and Spacely leave.
December 19th
NA Lethal Gaminglogo std.png Lethal Hate leave.
December 18th
MLGlogo small.png
011st 1st Rise Nationlogo std.png Rise Nation, 022nd 2nd Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 in MLG CWL Las Vegas Open 2016.
December 15th
EU ExceL eSportslogo std.png xL endurAAA, BoabyCee, SamB and Weeman join.
EU Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Dqvee, Hawqeh, Desire and Vortex join.
EU FAB Games eSportslogo std.png fabE Dqvee, Hawqeh, Desire and Vortex leave.
na Dream Teamlogo std.png dT Fox, GodLike, Lyric and NinjaZ leave.
December 14th
AP Logo std2.png eX APAC Macka and Rival join.
December 13th
NA Most Wantedlogo std.png MW Destiny and Mayhem join.
December 12th
NA Logo std2.png BOT Empire Eminence leaves. Nihill joins.
December 10th
MLGlogo small.png
CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png compLexity Gaming, Echo Foxlogo std.png Echo Fox, GosuCrewlogo std.png GosuCrew, and Team Revengelogo std.png Team Revenge qualify for Group Play in MLG CWL Las Vegas Open 2016.
NA CompLexity Gaminglogo std.png coL Xotic joins.
EU WySix eSportlogo std.png WySix Dominate, Kero, LXT and Momentus join.
AP T1 Dotterslogo std.png T1 Beastn, Chilean, Fate and Riqzy join.
December 7th
NA Logo std2.png BOT Empire Eminence, Legend, Roested, and Saint join.
NA Most Wantedlogo std.png MW FEARS, Holler, Magsy, and Risky join.
NA Logo std2.png Hydra Holler and Risky leave.
December 6th
NA Logo std2.png Hydra Legend leaves.
December 5th
NA Team Revengelogo std.png tR KiLLa, MiRx, Maux, and Whea7s join.
December 4th
CWLlogo small.png
011st 1st FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Clan 022nd 2nd Team Orbitlogo std.png Team Orbit EU in PlayStation Experience Invitational.
December 3rd
NA Logo std2.png TH ProoFy, TwiZz, Nelson and SpaceLy join.
MLGlogo small.png
MLG Atlanta Open 2017 and MLG Anaheim Open 2017 are announced.
ATVIlogo small.png
Activision announces a partnership with PlayStation for the 2017 CWL Season, that will feature over $4 Million in prizing. 2017 CWL Global Pro League is announced.
December 2nd
NA Roguelogo std.png Rogue Blfire, Examples, Johnny and Miyagi join.