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News/Archive 2015/March

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March 31st
x25px Bz REPPIN leaves.
March 29th
Xboxlogo std.png Xbox Gold.png Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports Silver.png x20px Team Revenge at the Call of Duty Championship 2015.
March 27th
x25px eQ Rolo rejoins.
March 22nd
MLGlogo std.png MLG Gold.png x20px OpTic Nation Silver.png x20px Team Revenge in the 5K Series - Mar 22nd.
x25px XGN.InS x20px Team InSayed's roster is acquired. HulK, KaSsOoA, Ato and Kirby join.
March 21st
UMGlogo std.png UMG Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png FaZelogo std.png FaZe Red in the 2K Series - Mar 21st.
x25px 4N x20px afterMath eSports' roster is acquired. Flarez, Nimble and Lakie join.
March 17th
x25px Menace x20px Team Finland's roster is acquired. beakd, Eyedi, GefKid and Juunaz join.
March 16th
x25px eX Previous roster disbands. TuQuick, Froggir, Brock and Jsano join.
x25px bS HumanJesus, Nova, Eleiviate and M1chael join.
x25px V.X Oxygen joins in replacement of Gotaga for Call of Duty Championship 2015.
March 15th
Doesplaylogo std.png Doesplay Gold.png x20px Exile5.T1 Silver.png x20px MEGA Gaming in Doesplay Gold Coast.
MLGlogo std.png MLG Gold.png x20px Prophecy Silver.png x20px OpTic Gaming in the 5K Series - Mar 15th.
x25px dT Aries and Jump leave.
Carnagelogo std.png Carnage Hazard leaves.
EGOlogo std.png EGO Gold.png x20px Millenium Silver.png x20px Team infused at EGO AW 3.
March 14th
UMGlogo std.png UMG Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png x20px Team eLevate in the 2K Series - Mar 14th.
March 11th
x25px sphinX Team forms. FKiNg, RicK, v4 and Ninja join.
x25px Orbit.UK LXT joins.
x25px infs MarkyB and Jake join.
March 10th
x25px TCM x20px TCM Gaming purchases x20px Aware.NA's Season 2 League spot.
x25px Mill Gotaga and Carbon join.
x25px Orbit.UK Urban and Bance join.
x25px V.Storm Roster forms. Tommey joins.
Asclogo std.png Asc PleasR leaves.
March 9th
x25px bS Roster is released.
March 8th
MLGlogo std.png MLG Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports at the NA Regional Finals
x25px Rise Previous roster disbands. Chino, VeXeD, Perplexed and LegaL.
March 7th
x25px Mill MarkyB and Jake leave.
x25px V.X Gotaga leaves.
SLElogo std.png SLE Gold.png x20px HyperGames Silver.png x20px PuLse Gaming at SLE 15.
March 6th
x25px dT ColeChan, Aries and Jump join.
March 5th
x25px dT Stringo leaves.
March 1st
MLGlogo std.png 5K Series - 01/03 Gold.png Pick Up Team (TJHaLy, Chino, Huke, Temp) Silver.png Denial.png Denial eSports.
Xboxlogo std.png Xbox Reedy has been banned from attending the 2015 Call of Duty Championship due to other obligations.
Gfinitylogo std.png Gfinity Gold.png Epsilonlogo std.png Epsilon eSports Silver.png x20px TCM Gaming at the EU Regional Finals