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News/Archive 2015/February

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February 28th
UMGlogo std.png 2K Series - 28/02 Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png x20px FaZe Black.
February 27th
Exlogo std.png Exertus Realize, Alvaro, Stevey and Incepts join.
February 26th
MLGPLlogo std.png MLG PL x20px Team JusTus, x20px Team eLevate, x20px Automatic Reload and x20px OpTic Nation qualify for Season 2 in the S2 Relegation Tournament.
February 22nd
MLGlogo std.png MLG Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png Deniallogo std.png Denial eSports in the MLG Season 1 Playoffs.
February 19th
x25px Se7 HaLLy, BeanBag, Vortex and Desire join.
x25px MEGA Bacabec, Carrots and Zeuss join.
x25px eXs.iG Roster releases.
February 18th
x25px Fuse NauX and Slush join.
x25px eX Incepts joins.
x25px Jus NauX leaves. TcM joins.
x25px STNNR TcM leaves.
February 15th
MLGlogo std.png MLG Gold.png x20px OpTic Gaming Silver.png x20px FaZe Black in the 5K Series - Feb 16th.
CAPlogo std.png CAP Gold.png x20px HyperGames Silver.png IDeallogo std.png Team iDeaL at CAP'Arena 4.
February 14th
UMGlogo std.png UMG Gold.png Proph.png Prophecy Silver.png Denial.png Denial eSports in the 2K Series - 02/15.
ACLlogo std.png ACL Gold.png x20px Plantronics.Mindfreak Silver.png x20px Exile5.T1 at the APAC Regional Finals.
February 13th
x25px STM x20px Storm Team forms. Tommey joins.
February 12th
Carnagelogo std.png Carnage Hazard joins.
February 11th
x25px Orbit.NA Accuracy and Lawless join.
x25px AneVia x20px Team InSayed's roster is acquired. HulK, KaSsOoA, Ato and MysTK join.
February 10th
x25px IGI Roster releases.
x25px eQ.NL Roster forms. Samm, Joe, Despair and D2 join.
February 9th
PuLse Ythlogo std.png PuLse Yth Roster forms. KKobra, PasTeeK, KammyZ and Zyde join.
x25px XEN x20px Team XENEX disbands.
x25px TEC x20px Total eCircuit disbands.
x25px PuLse CocaCola's roster is acquired. Nani, Telo, Crizia and HHope join.
February 8th
A2Plogo std.png A2P Gold.png Epsilonlogo std.png Epsilon eSports Silver.png x20px Fragment eSports at AM2Pro #1.
x25px BasiC x20px BasiC eSports disbands.
x25px Jus Methodz, NauX, Octane, and FeLonY join.
February 6th
x25px eLv KiLLa, MiRx and StuDyy leave.
February 5th
x25px Fuse Roster releases.
BasiC.NLlogo std.png BasiC.NL Worstenbrood POWER's roster is acquired Despair, Samm, Joe and D2 join.
February 2nd
x25px XEN Nathan leaves. endurAAA joins.