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News/Archive 2014/September

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September 28th
SFCO.png FCO #9 011st 1st x22px Vitality 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia 033rd 3rd InS.png InSayed
September 23rd
Aware.png Aware Gaming Aware.png Aware Gaming announces their new roster with Methodz as their captain, alongside Jump, Baker, and TcM
Noble.png Noble Gaming Jump and Baker announce they left Noble.png Noble
SB.png Strictly Business Methodz leaves SB.png Strictly Business
Ultimate arena.jpeg Ultimate Arena 011st 1st Ghosts.png HyperGames 022nd 2nd Ascentia.png Ascentia 033rd 3rd x22px Vitality
September 17th
XGN.png XGN Stun, Complex and TuQuick are released from XGN.png XGN
September 15th
XGN.png XGN TuQuick joins XGN.png XGN alongside Complex and Stun
September 10th
LP.png Lightning Pandas Jake leaves TEC.png TEC and joins LP.png Lightning Pandas
September 9th
Ghosts.png HyperGames Krnage joins Ghosts.png HyperGames in replacement of MethodZ
Ascentia.png Ascentia Vorteex joins Ascentia.png Ascentia
September 7th
FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition Nihill leaves Annex.png Annex and joins FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition
FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition Ghoster leaves Noble.png Noble Gaming and joins FTLMascot.png Fatal Ambition
TCM.png TCM ShAnE leaves LP.png Lightning Pandas and joins TCM.png TCM
Orbit.png Orbit.UK LXT joins Orbit.png Orbit.UK
Elevate.png eLevate Swiftz joins Elevate.png eLevate
September 5th
Faze.png FaZe Karma joins Faze.png FaZe on loan
EG.png Evil Geniuses Dedo joins EG.png Evil Geniuses
Faze.png FaZe Dedo leaves Faze.png FaZe
September 2nd
SYN.png SYNRGY SYN.png SYNRGY picks up Muddawg, MoTi, Thing2, and Crowster
TCM.png TCM Peatie leaves TCM.png TCM
x30px Vitality MadCat joins x22px Vitality in replacement of Krnage
September 1st
Igamerz.png iGamerz Igamerz.png iGamerz announces their new roster: Melo, WizR, MiSaA, and MehDaaX