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News/Archive 2014/November

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November 30th
MLG.png MLG Columbus 2014 011st 1st Faze.png FaZe 022nd 2nd Optic.png OpTic Gaming 033rd 3rd Prophecy.png Prophecy
TEC.png TEC TEC.png TEC to separate from its roster and a break from EU CoD
Xenex.png xenex Xenex.png xenex announces their new roster of Urban, Swiftyy, Nathan and Bance
Basic.png BasiC.UK LXT leaves Basic.png BasiC.UK
November 28th
FabE.png fabE.Allstars BattleKinG leaves FabE.png fabE.Allstars
Gfinity.png Gfinity Gfinity.png Gfinity announces 30 events, 6 open events, $500,000 prize money, opening a Gfinity Arena, travel and hotel offered to teams.
TEC.png TEC Joee joins TEC.png TEC in replacement of Flux
November 27th
Anevia.png AneVia devicZ joins Anevia.png AneVia
November 25th
Aware.png Aware.EU McGee joins Aware.png Aware.EU
November 24th
Aware.png Aware.EU Momo announces his retirement
EQ.png eQuinox KyLee leaves EQ.png eQuinox.UK
Anevia.png AneVia FRAAZN leaves Anevia.png AneVia
November 23rd
MLG.png 10K Series - 11/23 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd Aware.png Aware Gaming
Insomnia.png Insomnia 53 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM 033rd 3rd Millenium.png Millenium
MIG.png MIG14 011st 1st BUL.png AmBT.BUL 022nd 2nd AxN.png AxNation 033rd 3rd Oxyburn.png OxyBurn
SFCO.png FCO AW #1 011st 1st 4old.png 4Old 022nd 2nd Lemonstick.png LemonStick.Warriors 033rd 3rd SFCO.png FCO.GotToShare
November 22nd
UMG.png 2K Series - 11/22 011st 1st Jus.png JusTus 022nd 2nd Faze.png FaZe
MRKN.png MRKN MRKN.png MRKN pick up Stun, TriZy and Juggster
FabE.png fabE MiLiX joins FabE.png fabE.De
November 20th
Justus.png JusTus Justus.png JusTus pick up Classic, Slacked, Enable and Mochila
Curse.png Curse Curse.png Curse disbands
MW.png Most Wanted MW.png Most Wanted disbands
November 19th
Prophecy.png Prophecy Ricky, Parasite, Legal and FEARS join Prophecy.png Prophecy
FabE.png fabE GunElite and Kivi joins FabE.png fabE.De
Ascentia.png Ascentia MysTK leaves Ascentia.png Ascentia
November 18th
x30px Vitality x22px Vitality pick up Swanny in replacement of BroKeN for MLG Pro Circuit.png MLG Columbus 2014
November 17th
Millenium.png Millenium Millenium.png Millenium pick up Jake and Melo for Insomnia.png Insomnia 53
Curse.png Curse AU Curse.png Curse AU releases their roster
Millenium.png Millenium MarkyB joins Millenium.png Millenium
Basic.png BasiC.UK Robz joins Basic.png BasiC.UK in replacement of DEVR
Faze.png FaZe SlasheR joins Faze.png FaZe
November 16th
MLG.png 5K Series - 11/16 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd Mochila's Team
Dare.png Dare Dare.png Dare pick up Fizur, ReLay, Hatrix and Ripkin
November 15th
UMG.png 2K Series - 11/15 011st 1st NV.png EnVyUs 022nd 2nd Denial.png Denial
HyperGames.png HyperGames AzoX and dyLux leaves HyperGames.png HyperGames
November 14th
FeaR.png FeaR FeaR.png FeaR release Legal and TuQuick and pick up Dedo and Neslo
Faze.png FaZe ACHES joins Faze.png FaZe
Optic.png OpTic Gaming Optic.png OpTic Gaming announce Crimsix as their new 4th
OpticNation.png OpTic Nation Ricky leaves OpticNation.png OpTic Nation and the add TeePee and Karma
Curse.png Curse Curse.png Curse has released Mochila
Basic.png BasiC.Unleash Basic.png BasiC announces that they pick up Unleash.png Unleash's roster of GraMs, TeDzYY, Veziok and Dowkyy
November 13th
LP.png Lightning Pandas Crads and Benny leave LP.png Lightning Pandas
November 12th
Noble.png Noble Parasite, KiLLa, MiRx and StuDyy have officially joined Noble.png Noble
TCM.png TCM Jurd joins TCM.png TCM in replacement of MarkyB
TCM.png TCM MarkyB announces he has been released from TCM.png TCM
November 11th
Anevia.png AneVia Anevia.png AneVia announces their new roster of Nani, Telo, ZeeK and FRAAZN
November 10th
Vexx.png VexX Vexx.png VexX pick up MuTaTion and BRiM
Millenium.png Millenium Krnage joins Millenium.png Millenium
Epsilon.png Epsilon Epsilon.png Epsilon announces their new roster of Joshh, Dominate, Peatie and MadCat
Aware.png Aware.EU Peatie leaves Aware.png Aware.EU
November 9th
MLG.png 5K Series - 11/09 011st 1st Crs.png Curse 022nd 2nd NV.png EnVyUs
Aware.png Aware.NA Aware.png Aware Gaming announces their new NA.png NA roster of Accuracy, Lawless, Sender and Happyy
Millenium.png Millenium Millenium.png Millenium releases their active roster
Aware.png Aware.EU Aware.png Aware Gaming announces their new EU.png EU roster of Peatie, Watson, Momo and JTee
November 8th
UMG.png 2K Series - 11/08 011st 1st Denial.png Denial 022nd 2nd Crs.png Curse
FeaR.png FeaR FeaR.png FeaR completes their roster with TuQuick and Legal
Isolation.png iSolation Isolation.png iSolation releases TuQuick, Legal and Bobby
Basic.png BasiC Basic.png BasiC announce their new roster of Reedy, LXT, DEVR and Rated
November 7th
HyperGames.png HyperGames Krnage leaves HyperGames.png HyperGames
XGN.png XGN XGN.png XGN drops TriZy, BreeZy and Ghoster
Orbit.png Orbit Orbit.png Orbit picks up Facce, KozMo, Strife and Dimi
Noble.png Noble Noble.png Noble releases their entire roster
Basic.png BasiC Peatie, Watson and SunnyB leaves Basic.png BasiC
November 6th
NV.png EnVyUs NV.png EnVyUs announces Clayster as their new fourth
Rise.png Rise FEARS leaves Isolation.png iSolation to join Rise.png Rise
ARlogo.png Automatic Reload ARlogo.png Automatic Reload pick up Burnsoff, Tipsy, Blfire and FeLonY
Curse.png Curse Curse.png Curse announce that they have now merged with MW.png Most Wanted. The roster will be announced soon
Optic.png OpTic Gaming Optic.png OpTic Gaming announce that they have released Clayster and ProoFy and have picked up FormaL
November 4th
FeaR.png FeaR Neslo leaves FeaR.png FeaR
November 2nd
Millenium.png Millenium Getsom announces he has been released from Millenium.png Millenium
ESWC.png ESWC 2014 011st 1st EG.png Evil Geniuses 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM 033rd 3rd Ascentia.png Ascentia
November 1st
Isolation.png iSolation FEARS announces he will be teaming with Bobby, TuQuick, and Legal under Isolation.png iSolation
NV.png EnVyUs FormaL declares that he is a FA.png Free Agent. JKap and NameLeSs announce that they will stay on NV.png EnVyUs with MerK and are looking for one
AW.png Parasite announces that he will be teaming with KiLLa and MiRx in AW.png Advance Warfare and they are looking for one. No Organization was mentioned