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News/Archive 2014/May

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May 30th
Ascentia.png Ascentia Ascentia.png Ascentia acquires Unleash.png Unleash's roster and forms there second team Unleash.png Ascentia.Unleash
May 28th
WiLD.png WiLD WiLD.png WiLD drops Bloodz
ESWC.png ESWC EG.png Evil Geniuses confirms that they will be defending their title this year at ESWC.png ESWC 2014
Unleash.png Unleash Unleash.png Unleash drops priwAA and picks up Nani
Orbit.png Orbit Orbit.png Orbit.UK acquires CheckMate.png CheckMate's roster; Kipper, Swiftyy, Hawqeh, and Nathan
Unnamed.png Unnamed.Unbreakable Unnamed.png Unnamed.Unbreakable recruits Melo
May 27th
WiLD.png WiLD Bloodz joins WiLD.png WiLD as their 4th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA JaMeZz joins Orbit.png Orbit.NA
May 26th
WiLD.png WiLD WiLD.png WiLD releases their entire team and picks up Stun, FLawLesS, and Schillez
May 25th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Stun leaves Orbit.png Orbit.NA
SLE.png SLE - Pix&Tech 011st 1st x22px Vitality 022nd 2nd Unnamed.png Unnamed.Unbreakable 033rd 3rd Igamerz.png iGamerz Titans
Ascentia.png Ascentia Chewyy, Zeroo and LowAn leave Ascentia.png Ascentia
May 23rd
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny picks up the team of TuQuick, Rizma, Heist, and Vowels to represent them
May 22nd
Gfinity.png Gfinity Pro League Season 1 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM. They both qualify for MLG.png MLG Anaheim Championship bracket
Ghosts.png TuQuick, Rizma, Heist, and Vowels form a new team.
May 21st
WiLD.png WiLD WiLD.png WiLD picks up TFly
Ascentia.png Ascentia Rekin leaves Ascentia.png Ascentia
May 20th
Denial.png Denial PRPLXD steps down from Denial.png Denial and is replaced by NoXiDe
May 19th
EX.png eXcellence EX.png eXcellence forms with the roster consisting of Snip3down, Diabolic, KozMo and Accuracy
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise completes their roster with Saint
May 16th
Elevate.png eLevate Elevate.png eLevate picks up MadCat
May 14th
Infused.png Infused MadCat leaves Infused.png Infused
May 12th
Elevate.png eLevate eGo announces his retirement
WiLD.png WiLD WiLD.png WiLD picks up JaMeZz
May 11th
RevengeGaming.png Revenge RevengeGaming.png Revenge releases Legend and Mech
SFCO.png FCO One #1 011st 1st Killerfish.png Killerfish 022nd 2nd Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth 033rd 3rd Unnamed.png Unnamed
Cap.png Cap Arena #3 011st 1st x22px Vitality 022nd 2nd Tigers.jpeg TIGERS 033rd 3rd Igamerz.png iGamerz Titans
May 10th
Ghosts.png Felonies, Fatalize, and TuQuick look for one
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit.NA releases JaMeZz and picks up FEARS
Rise.png Rise FEARS leaves Rise.png Rise
WiLD.png WiLD WiLD.png WiLD releases Phaze
May 9th
Elevate.png eLevate ElevateBlack.png eLevate.Black and Elevate.png eLevate.White disbands and Elevate.png eLevate reforms with Nifty as captain, Gucci, Chino, and eGo. Complex will be looking for three new players to represent the second Elevate.png eLevate team
Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth picks up WiizR, Banger and Zayrox after Melo leaves
Infused.png Infused Momo leaves Infused.png Infused and pick up MadCat
Reign.png Reign Reece leaves Reign.png Reign and LXT replaces him
May 8th
VVv.png vVv Gaming VVv.png vVv Gaming disbands
May 7th
SB.png Strictly Business PHiZZURP will be joining SB.png Strictly Business for the Xgames.png MLG X Games Invitational in place of Methodz due to age restrictions
TEC.png TEC TEC.png TEC acquires the Exertus.png Exertus' roster
Curse.png Curse Orange Saint will be joining Curse.png Curse Orange for the Xgames.png MLG X Games Invitational in replacement of Crowster
Orbit.png Orbit.UK Orbit.png [[Orbit]|Orbit.UK]] releases their roster
WiLD.png WiLD Chino leaves WiLD.png WiLD
May 6th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit acquires the XGN.png XGN's roster to form Orbit.png Orbit.NA
EG.png Evil Geniuses EG.png Evil Geniuses acquires the Complexity.png compLexity roster
May 5th
EGL.png EGL 12 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd TCM.png TCM 033rd 3rd Reign.png Reign 044th 4th x22px Vitality
UGC Niagara.png UGC Niagara 011st 1st Complexity.png compLexity 022nd 2nd NV.png EnVyUs 033rd 3rd Vexx.png VexX Gaming 044th 4th OpticNation.png OpTic Nation
May 3rd
Exertus.png Exertus Reedy leaves Exertus.png Exertus and picks up Storer
May 2nd
Killerfish.png Killerfish Killerfish.png Killerfish acquires Divinely.png Divinely's roster