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News/Archive 2014/July

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July 30th
Curse.png Curse Tipsy is unable to participate in Gfinity.png Gfinity 3 due to passport issues. Crowster will take his place
July 29th
VQ.png VanQuish Chino and SlasheR leave Elevate.png eLevate and joins VQ.png VanQuish to complete their roster
July 27th
AEL2.png AEL Dallas 011st 1st TK.png Team KaLiBeR 022nd 2nd Curse.png Curse 033rd 3rd Faze.png FaZe
SFCO.png FCO One #2 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon.Youth 022nd 2nd Igamerz.png iGamerz 033rd 3rd Playfulbet.png Playfulbet
EGL.png EGL 13 011st 1st Epsilon.png Epsilon 022nd 2nd Exertus.png Exertus 033rd 3rd TCM.png TCM
July 24st
XGN.png XGN XGN.png XGN picks up Revan and Rizma to complete their roster
July 21st
Elevate.png eLevate MadCat leaves Elevate.png eLevate and is replaced with SlasheR
July 20th
VQ.png VanQuish CaLi leaves VQ.png VanQuish due to other obligations
July 19th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Mutiny.png Mutiny completes their roster with the addition of Legal and NoXiDe to join TuQuick and FEARS
July 18th
Justus.png JusTus Justus.png JusTus qualifies for ESWC.png ESWC 2014
July 15th
July 13th
SFCO.png FCO #8 011st 1st x22px Vitality 022nd 2nd Safe.png Safe.Supremacy 033rd 3rd Anevia.png AneVia.4Old
July 12th
Gfinity.png Gfinity 3: London Qualifiers 011st 1st Exertus.png Exertus 022nd 2nd Xenex.png xenex 033rd 3rd LP.png Lightning Pandas
July 11th
Radius.png Radius Gaming Radius.png Radius Gaming drafts Slacked and Huhdle to complete their MLG.png MLG CoD League Season 3 starting line up
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise drafts Attach as their fourth for the MLG.png MLG CoD League Season 3
July 10th
Noble.png Noble.Gold Noble.png Noble.Gold has parted ways with Ghoster and picks up TriZy
Vexx.png VexX Gaming Vexx.png VexX Gaming has released SlasheR and picked up SpaceLy
July 9th
SB.png Strictly Business SpaceLy has been released
July 8th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit.NA has picked up TJHaLy to join VeXeD and NoXiDe
VQ.png VanQuish VQ.png VanQuish releases Legend
Ghosts.png Blevdog's Team Saint joins Classic on Blevdog's Team
July 7th
Mutiny.png Mutiny FEARS joins TuQuick and Legal on Mutiny.png Mutiny
July 6th
Mutiny.png Mutiny Legal joins TuQuick on Mutiny.png Mutiny
Noble.png Noble.Black Noble.png Noble.Black releases Nihill
July 5th
EX.png eXcellence EX.png eXcellence picks up Facce
Stunner.png Stunner Gaming Facce leaves Stunner.png Stunner Gaming
EX.png eXcellence EX.png eXcellence release Accuracy
Noble.png Noble.Gold Noble.png Noble.Gold's final roster consists of Complex, Realize, Ghoster and JaMeZz
July 3rd
Infused.png Infused Infused.png Infused returns to CoD with their new roster Luke, Joocy, NeCRoMe and Joee for Gfinity.png Gfinity 3
July 2nd
Mutiny.png Mutiny MoTi, TrojaN, Thing2, and TriZy leave Fuse.png Fuse to join Mutiny.png Mutiny
Fuse.png Fuse Fuse.png Fuse picks up TriZy
July 1st
Rise.png Rise Rise.png Rise releases Saint