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News/Archive 2014/December

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December 30th
FabE.png fabE.AllStars DaReDeViL returns FabE.png fabE.AllStars
December 28th
MLG.png 5K Series - 12/28 011st 1st Jus.png JusTus 022nd 2nd Denial.png Denial
December 27th
UMG.png 5K Series - 12/27 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd SB.png Strictly Business
December 25th
OpticNation.png OpTic Nation OpticNation.png OpTic Nation pick up Swanny as their new 4th
December 23rd
SYN.png SYNRGY MBoZe will be playing with SYN.png SYNRGY for UMGOrlando2015.png UMG Orlando 2015
December 22nd
ARlogo.png Automatic Reload ARlogo.png Automatic Reload release Tipsy & add Anticity to their roster
EGO.png EGO AW 1 011st 1st Mill.png Millenium 022nd 2nd EQ.png eQ.Delivare 033rd 3rd Basic.png BasiC.FR
December 21st
MLG.png 5K Series - 12/21 011st 1st SB.png Strictly Business 022nd 2nd STNNR.png Stunner Gaming
December 20th
UMG.png 2K Series - 12/20 011st 1st Denial.png Denial 022nd 2nd Prophecy.png Prophecy
FabE.png fabE.De MacMiLiX leaves FabE.png fabE.De
Ascentia.png Ascentia PleasR joins Ascentia.png Ascentia
December 18th
SYN.png SYNRGY SYN.png SYNRGY picks up Methodz, FeLonY, Anticity and TcM
Cdiscount.jpg Cdiscount MCup AW 1 011st 1st TCM.png TCM 022nd 2nd Mill.png Millenium 033rd 3rd Xenex.png xenex
December 16th
OpticNation.png OpTic Nation MBoZe has been released from OpticNation.png OpTic Nation and replaced by their Season 1 sub SynfuLa
December 15th
Orbit.png Orbit.NA FeLonY, Anticity and TcM leave Orbit.png Orbit.NA
December 14th
MLG.png 5K Series - 12/14 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd STNNR.png Stunner Gaming
ISo.png iSo.Pro ISo.png iSo.Pro pick up SynfuLa, TwiZz, Rizma and Huhdle
Orbit.png Orbit.NA Orbit.png Orbit.NA pick up FeLonY, Anticity, TcM and Ivy
December 13th
UMG.png 2K Series - 12/13 011st 1st Denial.png Denial 022nd 2nd Optic.png OpTic Gaming
December 10th
FabE.png fabE.AllStars DaReDeViL leaves FabE.png fabE.AllStars and DEVR and LXT join
December 8th
ISo.png iSolation ISo.png iSolation picks up Swarley, Vicious, Jump and KozMo
December 7th
MLG.png 5K Series - 12/07 011st 1st Optic.png OpTic Gaming 022nd 2nd TR.png Revenge
Carnage.png Carnage Carnage.png Carnage releases their entire roster
Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse BEViLS leaves XGN.png XGN and joins Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse
ELv.png eLevate ELv.png eLevate purchases Noble.png Noble Gaming's team and Season 1 spot
December 6th
UMG.png 2K Series - 12/06 011st 1st Prophecy.png Prophecy 022nd 2nd OpticNation.png OpTic Nation
ARlogo.png Automatic Reload Tipsy announces he is back on ARlogo.png Automatic Reload
Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse Rizma is dropped from Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse
DT.png Dream Team DT.png Dream Team releases SanGoku and Hazard, and pick up Octane and Stringo
EQ.png eQuinox.UK TAnt and TRob join EQ.png eQuinox.UK
InS.png InSayed WizR and Dowkyy join InS.png InSayed
December 5th
Isolation.png iSolation Octane and Stringo leave Isolation.png iSolation
SB.png Strictly Business SynfuLa is released from SB.png Strictly Business and picks up Dedo and Neslo while TwiZz announces his retirement
ARlogo.png Automatic Reload FeLonY leaves ARlogo.png Automatic Reload
Stunner.png Stunner Gaming Huke joins Stunner.png Stunner Gaming
Faze.png FaZe Censor steps down as captain and ACHES takes his place
December 4th
SYN.png SYNRGY MoTi is released from SYN.png SYNRGY
Carnage.png Carnage Huke leaves Carnage.png Carnage and picks up Jump
ELv.png eLevate ELv.png eLevate releases their entire roster
CLS.png Lucky Strike CLS.png Lucky Strike drops Saintt and Realize
Orbit.png Orbit.UK Reece, endurAAA, Lewis and Joee join Orbit.png Orbit.UK
FeaR.png FeaR ASSASS1N is dropped from FeaR.png FeaR
December 3rd
Stunner.png Stunner Gaming Stunner.png Stunner Gaming drops ColeChan
Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse Esport.png ESPORT.Collapse announces their roster will be TuQuick, PhenoM, Bloodz and Rizma
Carnage.png Carnage Carnage.png Carnage parts ways with VaiN
Mill.png Millenium Melo joins Mill.png Millenium
FabE.png fabE.De Bullet joins FabE.png FabE.De
Basic.png BasiC Veziok leaves Basic.png BasiC.Unleash
Illmatic.png iLLmatic Fearsome and Skuxx leave Illmatic.png iLLmatic and pick up Faccento and GodRx
December 2nd
Esport.png ESPORT Esport.png ESPORT parts ways with Nihill, Nelson and LynXx
December 1st
Fear.png FeaR FeaR.png FeaR parts ways with Dedo and Neslo