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Monaco eSports

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Monaco eSports
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Team Information
Manager(s)Leo "Tizho" Mpoyi
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Monaco eSports is a multi-gaming esports organization based in Monaco, currently competing in Call of Duty.



  • 2018
  • 2017
  • January 14th (approx.), Stikers leaves. Natshay joins [1] [2] [3]
  • May 1st, Natshay leaves.[4]
  • May 3, Natshay rejoins. ATLAS leaves.[5] [6]
  • May 5, Zayrox joins.[7]
  • May 10, KammyZ joins. Breszy leaves.[8]
  • July 19, Gabi leaves.[9]
  • July 22, Natshay leaves.[10]
  • August 13, Zayrox leaves.[11]
  • August (???), KammyZ leaves.
  • December 4, mAxxie, Stikers, SLG, ZaaQ, and Cobra join.[12]

Player Roster


Date Joined Player Real Name Role
2018/12/04   Cobra Enzo Mekentichi Player
2018/12/04   mAxxiw Maxime Ebran Player
2018/12/04   SLG Norwen Galloudec Player
2018/12/04   Stikers Sami Arhror Player
2018/12/04   ZaaQ Julien Player


Date Left Player Role New Team
2018/08/???   KammyZ Player
2018/08/13   Zayrox Player   pM
2018/07/22   Natshay Player   Sy
2018/07/19   Gabi Player   BFG
2018/05/10   Breszy Player   aAa
2018/05/03   ATLAS Player   B3LA
2018/05/01   Natshay Player   Monaco
2018/01/14   Stikers Player   FoX eSports



Real Name IGN Position
  Leo Mpoyi Tizho Manager

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